Best of


May was a month where the effort from everyone paid off, the numbers started going down, and we could see a shade of light at the end of the tunnel. We understand ourselves better, and we gained a collective awareness of how powerful yet fragile we can be. Photography is an amazing tool of memory, both for the good and the bad; images are the best medium for us to remember, the closest thing to time travelling we have nowadays are printed photos, old movies and records from the past. With time comes wisdom, and we shouldn’t take for granted the importance that our elders give to images, family photos and memories; at the end is who we are and who we were, and if we want to leave a better place for generations to come we shouldn’t forget.

When looking back, we can’t help but remember the sorrow and confusion of those days but, at the same time, when revisiting those images and curating this selection, we also chose to see the hope, the empathy and support for one another that arose during those days. What we lived through will help us to be a bit more thankful for what we have, give fewer things for granted, and we mustn’t forget that. Photography will always help us do that.

To all those who stayed home.

To all those who kept social distancing.

To all those who worked to have kept the world running.

To all those who kept creating and sharing to ease our days in lockdown.

And to all those who used their creativity to create a breach of hope in this awful situation.

Thank you.