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5 Easy Steps

  • Download the Order Form
  • Fill or Feel it
  • Put your films among with the form in a bag
  • Pack it up as bulletproof
  • And send it, now sit back and relax

Christmas again!

Once we have your film, our crew will get to work on it ASAP

Just 7 business days is all we ask to treat your images how they deserve. After that, you’ll recieve a mail via Wetransfer, just download and enjoy!

What about my Negs?

We store your negs up to 1 year in our cellar

After that we’ll ship them back to you combining orders at the same time so save some cash in shipping. Or you can always come visit and learn how to make paella with us!

Processing time

  • 120 50%

  • 35mm 80%

  • 220 100%



Download our Order Form

Now with Scan Preferences!

*Click on the images above to get a better detail of the differences between the different options. Please note this are reference images
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