The Feeling of Holding Your Scans

Carmencita film lab proof prints color

Quality means Color

COLOR THAT MATCHES THE SCREEN Since the very beginning quality has been the #1 priority at Carmencita and we are thrilled to be able to bring that on paper. Everything we know and learned during these years is gonna translate to paper. What does this mean? Simple, the color you could only see in the screen is now gonna travel through your hands, be hanged on the walls and shared among your clients amazed faces.

Thanks to XXI century technology we are able to translate exactly what we see in the screen to the paper, e.i: greens are green and blacks are black. If you are happy with what you’ve seen from us hold your horses cause when you’ll see it printed it’ll look even better! 

carmencita film lab epson printer

Epson D700

INKJET QUALITY, PROOF PRICING This little beast has quickly become our best friend when it comes to outputting our files back to the analog world. It works on high quality EPSON inks & paper which ensures consistency and color accuracy. You already know what inkjet means when it comes to quality plus for all tree huggers like us, this means minimum waste and low energy consumption. Hello eco-prints! We feel anything worth it requires time and that’s why we choose quality over speed, always.

This prints will last for decades and it’s definitely worth it to invest time in them. Vivid colors and natural contrast is what we aim for and after several months of testing we can happily bring it to you =)

Sending your files

We will handle all print orders via WeTransfer as it offers a simple and fast way to transfer files. We also created a sample folder you can download in order to send us your files in a structured way. Also feel free to leave any comments on the WeTransfer section that you want us to know before printing the files, special sizes, billing information etc…

All files or emails concerning printing should be send at:

Once we receive and download the files we will send you a Paypal invoice with the amount to be paid, you can check all info at our prices section and yes, bigger the print amount smaller the price!





The standard print size for frames, albums and gift boxes. Ideal for handling and suitable to be hanged anywhere. Tiny yet powerful.

It’s also possible to print any format that is 10cm wide.


Perfect for those wooden boxes that make your client smile long after their special day. It is the gap that fills between the 10 and the 15.

It’s also possible to print any format that is 13cm wide.


The cruiser size prints, perfect for those images with plenty of detail that you can’t wait to show and share among your loved ones.

It’s also possible to print any format that is 15cm wide.


The king of hill, for those images that matter and ask to be shown. These are meant to be properly framed, gifted and never be forgotten.

It’s also possible to print any format that is 20cm wide.

Proof Prints


Add prints together to your scans for just:

  • 120   + 3€
  • 135 / 220   + 6€


Proof prints of your scans will match the image size:

  • 35mm  –  10×15
  • 645  –  10×13
  • 6×6  –  10×10
  • 6×7  –  10×11,5
  • 6×9  –  10×15


There is 2 paper choices. You can either go for a classic glossy or a modern luster finish. What’s yours?

Glossy     ø     Luster


The last life changing question we will ask you (for now).

8mm Border      ø      No Border

carmencita film lab proof prints

Shipping Back