c41 b&w film processing



WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY WHEN IT COMES TO PROCESSING Color Films are all processed with Fuji chemistry. We work and develop in a wicked cool Noritsu. Since our goal is to deliver the best quality to our clients we perform regular control checks on our machines and chemicals, in order to make sure we get the best out of your rolls.


HAND-MADE DEVELOPING WITH A ZEN TOUCH All black and white developing is done by hand. Kodak chemicals are the way to go in our lab for regular and push processing, such as Xtol and Tmax developer. We never use the same chemistry, so we guarantee your film swim on fresh chemistry every single time, where you’ll able to see all the bar codes crisp and clear.



Fuji frontier sp3000 Digital ICE


Fuji Frontier SP-3000

THAT SPECIAL TONE & NATURAL FEEL TO YOUR IMAGES All our scans are done using a Fuji frontier. We find that this scanner is able to render beautiful tones to your images with a very natural color palette. It has an amazing ability to retain detail on highlights, so say goodbye to blown out skies. We love craftmenship and that’s why we work on your pictures frame by frame.

Digital ICE

“ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST” This amazing technology will make your pictures cristal clear, no dust. Thanks to an infrared light, the scanner is able to detect all the dust in the film plane and take it away from the image without lossing any image quality. No weird algorithms or soft images, this is made by hardware, and we love it.


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