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Scanner / Editor


· Full Time ·

We are looking for someone that knows film by heart: Exposure, metering, film stocks, color shifts… either you live in Portra or you dream in 400H.

Developed films will be handled to you in order to scan and post-process. In this role you will require fast skills for color & exposure correction, making every order consistent and matching the preferences of the client.

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[bra_divider height=’23’]The Job:

  • Scanning film batches with a consistent color
  • Manual color correction
  • Providing quality feedback for each order
  • Proper planning and delivering orders on time
  • Quick workflow on LR
  • Answering emails within 24h tops


  • Fluent in English & Spanish
  • Skillful in LR (shortcuts appreciated)
  • Broad knowledge in film photography
  • Quick-responder, team worker
  • Tidy & Organized are your surnames
  • Being able to understand company guidelines and take your own decisions according to them
  • Passionate about sharing knowledge and open to different opinions and open to different photography styles





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*Please note that all jobs require to be based in Valencia or the will to move in the city.

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We would like to know:

– Why Carmencita?

– What do you love more about your role?

– The most frustrating part of the role

– How is your closet organized?

– What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked?

– What would you do your first week in the role?

– What’s something people are surprised to discover about you?


– CV (with picture)

– A link to your website (if applying for Scanner/Editor or Designer)

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Please note before submitting an application: as a company, we take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with Carmencita Film Lab may include video and phone interviews, written projects, and/or on-site interviews. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.