Best of


April was the month when we started understanding what were we getting into. We reduced our operations in the lab at 10% of our capacity but we did our best to keep working behind closed doors, providing new film for those locked and developing & scanning for those who had some jobs that needed to be developed.

We took all the measures necessary to keep things open, chemistry running and the most important of all, the hope that things will recover. We were on full survival, and we can now say that we did it, as always thanks to you! We used the time also to make a bunch of IG Live on our Instagram account covering all the aspects of the lab so you can see how developing and scanning actually looks like!

And we realized that the most important things that were driving us was hope. Hope that this was not the end, that this will pass and we need to be better than before to keep all we’ve to build in one piece. We want to see this amazing community of film photographers that are on the rise culminate their careers and show the world that film photography is back, and better than ever.

Fulled by the support of every photographer that sent film in; we thought Best Of April had to be published; in the name of their work and trust that helped us when we needed the most.

Thank you, for real.