NEW: Slide Film (E6) Processing and Scanning Services

So we gave a few hints on Twitter and privately to some customers by email, but we’re happy to announce that we finally offer SLIDE FILM ( E6 ) processing and scanning. You guys can finally shoot your Velvia 50, Provia 400X and Astia or even that Agfa CT Precisa you were saving ‘cause you didn’t feel like cross-processing it. We’re charging the same as we do for Black & White processing and as with BW you just need to add 2 business days to the regular C41 delivery time. We had the privilege of having client/friend Jan Scholz “micmojo” beta-test this process for us. He was super excited to finally be able to shoot those wonderful slide stocks and took some Fuji Velvia 50 with him in his recent vacations in Florida.

We loved the results and felt like it could be a great way to introduce this new “product” to Carmencita customers. Being so used to C41 film it’s refreshing to see a positive, with it’s “correct” white balance and contrast/saturation rendition depending on the film stock. Guys, be prepared to spot meter like freaking masters! As you probably already know slide film is NOT as forgiving as color (C41 ) film (hello Portra 400 5 overexposure – 2 underexposure? ). It’s latitude is quite reduced, like 1 over – 1 under, almost remix¡nascent of some digital cameras. Be prepared to use the “Sunny-16 Rule”, spot meter and having to choose between blown skies or correctly lit subjects. But hey, they don’t call it hard work for nothin’! 😛 WELCOME OUR SLIDE FILM PROCESSING AND SCANNING SERVICES! janScholzE6-2 janScholzE6-3 janScholzE6-4 janScholzE6-5 janScholzE6-6 janScholzE6-7