How does Kodak make film? Smarter Every Day!


Ever wonder how film is actually manufactured? It’s no secret that analog photography is getting more and more popular, so we can’t help but ask: what does this all mean for the film supply? Fortunately, Smarter Every Day has given us an inside look at the Kodak plant in Rochester, New York, where we can see firsthand the inner workings of their film production!

We truly enjoyed every single bit of it, and we hope you do too! (A bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes).




We have been following Smarter Every Day for a long time, and if you are a geek like us, we are sure you will love it as well. This Youtube channel showcases the science and technology behind everyday things. In this series, they give us a thorough look at the various stages of film production from the initial raw materials to the finished product–, the emulsion-coating process, quality control, and packaging.



Given how nerdy we are about this content, you can only imagine how ecstatic we were when their notification for the Kodak factory tour popped up on our devices! Perhaps this post is more appealing to engineers that love film photography or photographers that love engineering. In any case, let’s begin!










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Understanding the complexities of film manufacturing helps us appreciate the art and science behind every roll of film, and see how precious it is to be able to shoot film!

The fact that film photography is still being made today is a testament to the dedication and passion of those who work in the industry. And it’s why, as photographers, we like to cherish every shot we take on film, knowing that it’s the result of a process that is both complex and beautiful. Every roll counts!



We hope this blog post strikes your curiosity and inspires you to understand more about the medium we dedicated ourselves to.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out Smarter Every Day‘s YouTube channel. Whether you’re a film photography enthusiast or just curious about how it’s made, these videos are a must-see!




Destin actually started this series featuring the work of a lab visiting our friends at Indie Film Lab! We work a little different, but it’s a great way to learn more about film!