HAPPY FILM YEAR 2021 by @Camxatca

This year, we bring something special, something a little different to cheer us up for 2021 and perhaps help us “re-connect” a bit more with one and another.
This year we got to discover the incredible team behind @camxatca, when we saw their work, we immediately fell in love with it and started thinking about a way to promote them, and the Christmas postcard seemed the best idea 🙂 
Without a doubt this will be the biggest Christmas cards campaign we’ve ever had, we were so thrilled with the campaign that we printed 5000 copies of Camxatca’s work, but wait for it:
Every person who buys film or asks for their negatives to be sent back will receive five cards of one of the designs from Camxatca. The goal is to trade them with other film photographers who got different designs and collect the 5 ones! 
If you do, you will be rewarded with 1 roll of C41 M free credit for developing and scan!
Send us a picture of all the different cards at carmencita@carmencitafilmlab.com as proof, and we will explain to you how to cash your prize 😉
Gotta catch ‘em all!





It was quite hard to choose from the vast amount of designs that Camxatca has on their portfolio; we ended up making a selection of different formats and camera styles so everyone could find the one that fits them the most.

Of course, the goal is to collect them all and share the love for photography, BUT if you don’t feel like gathering the 5 designs, it’s totally fine! Please gift them and to anyone that love’s analogue photography or you feel they need some analogue photography into their life 🙂

If you need to buy some fresh rolls, or just wondering how your old negatives are doing at the lab, purchase your shipping back, and your negatives will come back flying to your home along with a set of 5 of these cool cards so you can trade them!

More about Camxatca?





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