Best of


This has been a hell of a month, we’ve been as busy as during a full summer month plus the participation in several events! We were honored to be at Ostuni Workshop among many photographers from different fields.

But that was only the start, we couldn’t believe how much it would mean to us to be surrounded by more than 70 analog photographers that are influencing the community in Europe nowadays. Traveling Light became real and is here to stay. We’ve got the chance to meet many of you in person and listen to these incredible photographers: BrancoPrata, Le Secret d’Audrey, Greg Finck, Michael Ferire, Jonathan Canlas, Jan Scholz, Hideaki Hamada, Pia Clodi, Nastia Vesna & Wesley Nulens.

But something beautiful that we realized was that it was as important to listen to them as to meet everyone under the same roof, connect and see familiar faces finally in real life.

Summer is over, but don’t think we’ll rest, cause we’ve been gathering plenty of ideas for this winter! Stay tunned!!

In the meanwhile we never rest on trying to output the best work possible on each scan and this is clearly reflected on this month’s Best Of