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Hi there everyone!
So October has been busy in a “new” way for us besides the usual “develop/scan/print” way. Last month we’ve spread our film love/knowledge through actually meeting people around.
We’ve been to Algarve (Portugal) at the “Photographic Mind Trip” workshop help by Pia Clodi “Peaches&Mint” and also in Porto (also Portugal) at “Carmencita Meets Porto by BrancoPrata”, which was hosted by André Teixera and Sofia Ferreira from BrancoPrata.
ALSO right now the 2nd Bohemia Collective gathering is taking place in our own city of Valencia, hosted by Isabelle Hesselberg and Siegrid Cain.
We’re super excited about all the amazing people we’ve met and how alive and kicking film photography is right now.
We’re definitely gonna keep promoting like-minded photographers to come together and we can already assure you the “Carmencita Meets ______” format is here to stay, so stay tuner for next one. Also we’ll soon be announcing what we like to call “The Anniversary Of The Anniversary Of The Carmencita The Grand Opening” hahaha more on that later

So how was our month photographically speaking?
“Judge” for yourself.
We love every single client shot we selected so hope you enjoy!