Best of


It is not a secret which is our favourite season of the year. We love light and summer is when we get the most of it. But what could be even better than summer? For us, the feeling of knowing it’s coming, when you notice that late spring is gone and summer is here to stay, crossing that thin curtain that separates both seasons, starting to realize that the plans you made are actually gonna happen; starting to prepare for that music festival, that hike, that long flight and getting ready your favourite sunglasses.

Summer is here to stay and we have the feeling it’s gonna be a good one

On the newsroom, we have 99% ready our print platform to go officially live (like “next week ready”). Also the Traveling Light just unveiled! The film photographers gathering of the year, 10 conferences, meeting parties, film projections and workshops, what else? Well, good food, the northern coast of Barcelona, mild weather and getting to places that are usually not mentioned on maps. Grab your spot while they are still available!

There was so many incredible images created on film this month that it is only getting harder and harder to make a selection, believe us we could even be doing the best of the week by the amount of great work that we see