Best of


March has been a pretty interesting month at the lab, lots of things going on. We are preparing to grow and make use of the new facilities. We are also getting ready to travel around Europe to several Workshops. We will meet Duet Friday and Nastia Vesna during their workshops in Italy, will join Pia Clodi & Isabelle Hesselberg in their creative adventure in Stockholm and will send some analog photography love to our friends Paul Anagnou in Greece and Sotiris Tsakanikas in Cyprus to accompany them in their masterclasses.

We are really looking forward to this busy summer season, but that does not mean we do not enjoy the “not-summer”

It’s thrilling to see more and more types of photography being done with film. Many photographers are experimenting and playing out of the box with the medium format we love the most. BE AWARE: Big dosis of inspiration in here!