Joao Mascarenhas

Today we’re super excited about featuring on a full post the work of client Joao Mascarenhas. His work has popped here and there on past BEST OF blog posts, but with his latest 30 roll order we were like “man, we gonna post this stuff!” So here it is! Great fashion shots, skate lifestyle stuff and daily life documenting from Portuguese film wizard Joao. ENJOY!   JoaoMAY-708JoaoMAY-305JoaomascarenhasJoaoMAY-252JoaoMAY-466 JoaoMAY-482FlipJoaoMAY-360JoaoMAY-169JoaoMAY-224JoaoMAY-780JoaoMAY-611JoaoMAY-477FlipJoaoMAY-358JoaoMAY-491JoaoMAY-274

Héctor Pozuelo: Editorial For Lazy Oaf

Héctor Pozuelo has been a client of ours almost from the start.
He is a personal friend of some of the guys at the lab, and we couldn’t be happier at how much recognition he’s finally getting for his fashion work.

It’s interesting how Héctor had pretty much reached a “photographic plateau” scanning his own negatives on home flatbed scanners and suddenly felt like he could finally get the results he KNEW were possible by sending his film to us.

Not sayin’ “we’ll take your photography to the next level”, but we thought it’s interesting that many customers do their own scanning on Canon 9000F or Epson V700 and end up giving us a try and most of the time freak out at how RIGHT the stuff they were doing was. There was nothing wrong with their film or camera choices, it’s just shitty scanning! Needless to say we’ve also seen great results from guys scanning on V700’s so if you’re one of them please don’t feel offended 😉

So how cool is it to scan a happy client/friend’s negatives that you know are for an important fashion label?

This is exactly what these photos are. An editorial by Héctor Pozuelo for London-based fashion label Lazy Oaf shot primarily on Contax G2 / Kodak Portra 800 and Pentax 67 / Fuji NPH400.


PS: yeah, the light leaks are intentional, and we love ’em! 😛

HectorPozueloHectorPozuelo1 HectorPozuelo2 HectorPozuelo3 HectorPozuelo4 HectorPozuelo5 HectorPozuelo6 HectorPozuelo7 HectorPozuelo8

Michael Ferire : Stromae Backstage for Mosaert Shooting

Check out client Michael Ferire rocking out Kodak Portra 400 in really tough artificial light situations for a campaign for Mosaert clothing company!

Michael has pretty much perfected the art of concert and backstage fashion photography on film, which for the most part feature harsh artificial lights and/or mixed white balance stuff.

Unlike other film photographers he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. The guy just shoots with all his passion (AND meters like a boss!) and just sends us his rolls from whatever part of the world he’s currently in.

We scanned this a while ago and though it was about time to publish it so we can all start to brake a couple of myths about film photography.

So yeah, film looks amazing on a really bright sunset on a beautiful hill (with backlit olive trees ‘n stuff), but when shot correctly on the worst artificial light situation you can get pretty amazing stuff too… ask Michael about it 😉

* All images shot on Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 ( not pushed, in case you were about to ask ).

FerireFebruary-56 FerireFebruary-350 FerireFebruary-346 MicahelFerire FerireFebruary-123 FerireFebruary-65 FerireFebruary-84 FerireFebruary-140 FerireFebruary-149 FerireFebruary-173 FerireFebruary-193 FerireFebruary-174 FerireFebruary-234 mosaertclothes_101_carmencita