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Film Photography Today

by Yaroslav & Zhenya


Yaroslav and Zhenya are creative tandem formed by Yaroslav Shuraeva and Zhenya Savin. Their love of wedding photography has long since become a family affair, where everyone brings his unique vision and sight. Traveling the world, inspired by new places, people, books and impressions around them. So are their photographs: free, light, simple.

They are based in Moscow, capital of mother Russia Federation but where their work shines at best is when they are on location. Driven by impossible cliffs, blue bays and fields of flowers they make you question if the locations on their images belong to this world. That’s why they get out of the city as often as possible seeking for inspiration for either their weddings and their editorial work.

[bra_divider height=’25’] Why Russia? [bra_divider height=’20’]

We are astonished about the work we see coming from Russia these days, we are Mediterranean and some thousand kilometers away but we can’t stop looking and what’s being done across the Baltics! This is the perfect opportunity to our passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring photographers to learn together! We are so lucky to have such amazing clients but we want to go a step further, and bring YOU together. [bra_divider height=’35’]

We strongly believe Yaroslav and Zhenya have the expertise to show how is it possible to work with film nowadays, why is so important into their workflow and help everyone that want to step in and join us in this adventure where only passionate people last!

As a lab, we will fly out one of our co-founders to explain all we know and why we believe film will make you fall in love with photography again.


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BalaclavaThe KurpInn Hotel will be our base camp for our everyday program. Located in Balaklava bay at the very south of the island of Crimea, Balaklava offers stunning views of the is Black Sea while having a handful of history to be discovered.

We will all sleep at the hotel, that means you can ask us anything anytime, we want to push the experience a bit further than just a workshop. We will have a very warm welcoming dinner and all our breakfasts at the hotel, that way we can gather together in the morning and get ready for the shootings!


– For images from inside the hotel you can check their gallery




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What is included?

  • 2 days of styled shoots on different locations
  • 1 full day of lectures on film, styling and shooting
  • Breakfasts & Lunch
  • Transport from the Airport to KirpInn
  • Pre-warming dinner on 8th

Program Day 1

  • Presentation & Gathering
  • Editorial shooting – Zhenya’s talk
  • Film/Gear
  • Film stocks – C41/BW
  • Working with your Lab – Carmencita’s talk
  • Getting published – Ksenia’s talk
  • Wedding workflow – Yaroslav’s talk
  • Q&A’s

Program Day 2

  • Personal shooting around Balaklava
  • Going to the venue
  • First Editorial shooting
  • Working with Models
  • Exposing your film correctly
  • Shooting details
  • Getting back with the van

Program Day 3

  • Q&A about the shooting on Day 2
  • Getting ready for the second shooting
  • Shooting at the venue
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Shooting side by side with Zhenya and Yaroslav
  • Getting back with the van
  • Goodbye dinner

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Meets ZY 1

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Reserve your spot!


Wanna come? It’s easy!

Email us at meets@carmencitafilmlab.com with your all your info and we will save your seat (if available).

Remember there is only 15 spots available! [/one_third] [one_third]



– 35.000 RUB –

– 500€ aprox. –

[/one_third] [one_third_last]



Payments can be made via Bank Transfer or Paypal. Once done we will send you the confirmation and a spot is yours!

If you have any questions you can email directly to Zhenya who will be managing all the bookings at zhenyaswan@gmail.com

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Meets ZY 4[bra_border_divider top=’15’ bottom=’0′][bra_center_title title=’Q & A’ subtitle=” top_margin=’30’] [one_fourth]


The accommodation is included with the booking. We will be staying at the hotel, the same place where the workshop will take place.

The idea is to get together during the 3 days and be open for anything you want to ask/know about us or help you out in anything we can. After the workshop you should know as much as we do!

[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]


The official language of the course will be Russian.

Although Carmencita will be speaking in english and having a translator during all the workshop. We try to learn some russian but by May we might not be completely fluent yet : )[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]


We strongly recommend you to bring maximum 2 film cameras not more, and focus on one format (35 or 120). Film or cameras are not included, although if you like to purchase some film from our shop we will bring it to you in the workshop without shipping costs!

For any questions feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help![/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]


Once the reservation is done you will be part of the mailing list of the workshop with all the updates and specific details before the workshop begins.


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Still got questions? Email us!



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