Shooting Weddings on Film

by Birgit Hart & Pia Clodi


Birgit Hart and Pia Clodi (Peaches&Mint) are two of the top wedding photographers in Europe. Both specialized in film photography, they’ve been featured in several of the top wedding blogs and we’re proud to call them our clients. We believe their extensive shooting experience could be of great benefit to other fellow shooters,
that’s why we present them to you in a 2-day workshop format!

We believe that sharing knowledge and bringing people together helps everybody progress in their way. We are so lucky to have such amazing clients but we want to go a step further, and bring YOU together.

Birgit & Pia will be open books, this is the perfect chance to learn everything about the wedding workflow of this two big photographers that have put their heart on film!

Come and see what we’ve prepared!
  • Shooting film with confidence on the wedding day
  • Knowing your exposures
  • Developing a relationship with your lab
  • Finding the best light in each situation
  • Getting published
  • Dealing with analog & digital files at the same time
  • Wonderful dinners around the warm autumn in Barcelona
  • Why we believe in film
Birgit Hart Pia Clodi


Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau

The workshop will take place in the heart of Barcelona, surrounded in modernist architecture dated from the early 1900’s. Just few streets away from Sagrada Familia you can find Hospital de la Sant Pau, an ambitious restoration project following the transfer of all healthcare activities to the new Hospital has restored the cultural and artistic glories of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

film photography workshop

 We will be located in one of the rooms next to the inside patio of the building for the duration of the workshop, the rooms are fully equipped with audiovisual equipment and the disposition can be arranged as desired. That give us complete flexibility to work with our cameras indoors and see some practical examples of what Birgit & Pia will be explaining.



 – For more info about the enclosure santpaubarcelona.org

 – You can visit the rooms here room view 360

15 & 16 - Nov

Knowing all the details

What is included?

  • 2 days of lessons and practice
  • Carmencita Family presentation
  • Drinks & Snacks Lunch for both days
  • Dinner on 15th is on Carmencita Film Lab
  • Light walk around seaside, Barceloneta
  • Pre-warming dinner on Friday 14th
  • Surprise package from Carmencita

Program Day 1

  • Presentation
  • Personal Stories
  • Equipment/Gear
  • Film stocks – C41/BW
  • Developing a relationship with your Lab
  • Carmencita Workflow
  • Getting the look your want for your images
  • Light Walk
  • Seeing light, locations & posibilites no matter where

Program Day 2

  • Wedding Workflow (From Inquiry to Backup)
  • Inquiry
  • Booking Procedure / Contract
  • Packing the bags
  • Covering the wedding From the Getting Ready until the First Dance
  • Sending Film
  • Workflow with scans & digitals
  • Follow Up
  • Round Up – Questions & Answers

Our Mission

  • Become fearless, especially if you’re shooting and working on your own
  • Spend more time shooting and less time editing your images
  • Learn from the mistakes we made along the way
  • Encourage you to shoot & trust film in many different light situations.

Pia Clodi


Save your seat!

*Price includes 21% VAT from Spanish taxes, if you live inside the EU and you have a VAT number please send it to us and you will be exempt of Spanish taxes. If you live outside the EU no taxes will be applied.

Birgit Hart

Q & A


Accommodation is not included with the booking. Barcelona is a great city to find great deals on Hotels & private sites as Airbnb.

There are great offers for all budgets! We know some of you will come with your family and some on your own, the city offers plenty of good options for all kinds of tastes and prices.


The official language of the course will be English.

Although both Pia & Birgit are native German speakers so you can communicate with them in German too!


It’s really easy to fly in Barcelona from almost anywhere in the world. We strongly recommend you flying in Aeroport Barcelona-El Prat rather than other secondary airports.

For any question about flight feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help!


Once the reservation is done you will be part of the mailing list of the workshop with all the updates and specific details before the workshop begins.

We will help you with any questions you have.

Still got questions? Email us!

Birgit Hart Pia Clodi workshop Carmencita Film Lab