Leica Store Frankfurt frontshop

[NEW DROP POINT] Leica Store Frankfurt

Leica Store Frankfurt frontshop

This is a special one, something that we dreamed of and we can finally announce with pride: Leica Store Frankfurt has joined the Carmencita Family. Photographers in Frankfurt can now drop off their film at our new local Drop Point!

Needless to say, we’ve been huge Leica fans since forever, so collaborating with them still gives us shivers! And it’s not just because we’re slightly obsessed with great design. Their commitment to quality is unparalleled.




Leica embodies the finest German engineering and a unique vision. They have long specialized in the field of perception, developing innovative equipment that has resulted in high-quality cameras and lenses. But can we say anything you don’t already know?

Recently, we visited the Leica Store situated in the heart of Frankfurt, as part of a very special analog meet-up, and let us tell you… this isn’t just a store. It also has an impressive gallery space, a cozy reading area, and VIP retreats. On three floors, it houses art and literature as well as the latest Leica gear and accessories. 



The moment we stepped in, we couldn’t help but notice the precision, fine work, and attention to detail that they are known for. Above all, the store’s ambiance inspires you to keep creating. And, as you may already know, one of Carmencita’s main goals is precisely to boost creativity and pass on the love for analog photography from one generation to the next.

The Leica Gallery serves as a meeting point for national and international customers, and Leica enthusiasts. The gallery showcases the work of photographers from all over the world, as well as young promising talents, embodying the analog community that Carmencita has been trying to cultivate since 2012.



Sharing the same philosophy and passion for photography was key to teaming up. It is a privilege to have crossed paths with the Leica Store, and we are honored to announce this new collaboration in which both parties are committed to providing top-notch quality to our customers while also promoting the film industry.

So, if you live in Frankfurt or you’re just passing through, don’t hesitate to stop by the Leica Store. Not only will you be able to drop your film in our mailbox, but you will also live the full Leica experience.

Free shipping, official Carmencita prices, and on-time delivery!


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