Shipping Zone 4

24,65 49,80 



Purchasing this package your are gonna be hiring an Express Shipping 24h to the lab with a local pickup at your place.

Depending on the weight of your package you will have to choose one option or the other, remember to write down in the package details on the comments section! We need the Weight + Package size + Number of rolls in order to properly place the pickup order. With these details plus the address you write on the form everything is set up!

Zone 4 countries:

CYPRUS     /     DENMARK     /     IRELAND     /    GREECE     /    FINLAND     /    SWEDEN    /    SWITZERLAND    /     MALTA    /    MONACO    /    NORWAY      


*You can also check your Zone/Country in the map

Additional information

Package Weight

Lighter than 0,5kg, Between 0,5 – 1kg, Between 1 – 1,5kg, Between 1,5 – 2kg, Heavier than 2kg