Yaroslav & Jenny

Yaroslav & Jenny

We’ve had a few great clients lately from Russia, and we’re really excited about it. Some of us at the lab are huge fans of classic Russian portraiture and they’re whole great camera tradition ( Zenit, Kiev, FED, you name it!). A couple weeks ago a package arrived from Russia with a bunch of medium format rolls from a photographer couple named Yaroslav & Jenny. Their comments on the order form were super enthusiastic.

They loved the work they’s seen come out of our lab and where really eager to see what we could do with their film. Turns out these guys are good. They travel all around Russia carrying their Contax 645 and iPhones (yeah, they’re huge on Instagram) and whenever they stop traveling they take awesome photographs on beautiful weddings.
So… how could we not show you guys what their rolls contained?


Eugeniya-1 Eugeniya-18 Eugeniya-24 Eugeniya-32 Eugeniya-34 Eugeniya-35 Eugeniya-36 Eugeniya-102Eugeniya-81 Eugeniya-94 Eugeniya-110Eugeniya-40

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