Here we go!

Here we go!

It’s not a bird, It’s not a plane… It’s Carmencita Film Lab!

You may have heard about us, and probably more than the 90% you’ve heard is true. We have our heart in Spain and our arms open to every corner of the world.

Surrounded by orange trees, orxata bars, a lovely sun and plenty of neightbors cooking paella every sunday. In between all this our love for film was born.

Our team is formed by a small group of professionals, in love with photography, and with photographic film in particular.

We know there are more people like us, who know how hard it is to find a lab where negatives are treated with the right accuracy, care and dedication.

Because nobody said it was impossible, we decided to turn our

passion into our job, and open our doors to the professionals out there looking for the right place to develop and scan their film negatives. Each piece of work, and each client, is unique for us. That’s why we dedicate ourselves completely to each job, ensuring that our service is personalized and our product is perfect.

Our little treasure is called the SP3000 Fuji Frontier, known among professionals as the best scanner for film negatives. That’s how we work in our lab; the machine delivers technical perfection and we put the human knowledge and passion. We would be delighted to receive your film and to start working on getting those tones and touch that you are seeking.

We hope to hear about you soon!

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