"Carmencita & We Love Film" brings you 20 days of 20% discount!

"Carmencita & We Love Film" brings you 20 days of 20% discount!

We love the work that the guys from We Love Film are doing, that’s why we want to celebrate with them their 3rd anniversary!

Because of that we are gonna be offering 20 days of 20% Discount on our orders starting from 29th June!! How cool is that?

What do you need to do? Such an easy thing, just make sure you follow Carmencita and We love film in fb and write it down in the order form “Happy Birthday We Love Film!” when you send your next order to us, that’s it, as simple as that. (Remeber the promotion is till 20th of July)

Make sure to spread the word to all the film shooters out there and start packing your rolls! 🙂


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