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Here you can find all the steps to buy using a professional VAT number when you buy from Carmencita Film Shop. Doing so you can be exempt to pay Spanish 21% of Value Added Tax. In order to be able to proceed with it there is just few things to take in consideration, c’mon it’s easy:



Billing Info

First of all it’s really important that you provide us, as we ask in the order form, with the international version of your VAT number, in Spain looks something like this:

‘ES’ 9 digits, the first or the last value can also be a character – e.g. ESX9999999X

Where the first 2 letters usually stand for your country code and the rest should be a combination of mainly digits and one or 2 characters. [/one_third] [one_third]


In order for us to verify that the VAT number is correct we can only proceed with payments via Credit Card.

When you proceed with the checkout of your order, you’ll see the prices still have the 21% tax added, unfortunately our system doesn’t allow us to remove the VAT before the purchase but after the payment we will refund you within 24 hours the VAT amount.

The refund will be made at the same credit card used for the payment.

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Outside EU

Buying from outside the European Union? Good news then because you become exempt from paying any taxes at all, either with or without a VAT number.

Although the shipping cost might increase bit and you should be aware of the customs in your country. For any doubts or details about the shipping to countries outside the EU you can always contact us at shop@carmencitafilmlab.com!   [/one_third_last]

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