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We are really excited to be able to finally release something we’ve been working on for a while. We love to care about your film, and we searched for the best people to care about your rolls, with a lighting fast service from the warmth of your home to the warmth of you lab : )

Just follow these steps, it’s not complicated but it has to be done right!

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Once you’ve completed the purchase of the shipment package throughout the shipping page, we will proceed to place the booking and you will get a confirmation email like the following. And here is where you take action to finish the last details. Let’s do it!


Just click on the link and enter to https://importexpressonline.dhl.com/iea/jsps/login/Login.jsp? with your email and the temporary password DHL will provide you in the email, in this case is 285789.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 15.50.55

Once you are logged in you will have to change the password and that will be your user name for all future bookings, so better set up a password that you can remember : )

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 15.52.11 Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 15.52.47

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Here is where you will confirm your details, make sure everything is correct and set up the pick up time zone (please give a reasonable time frame, by default is between 14.00 till 18.00)

Select the Importer (CARMENCITA FILM LAB) and the box of Create Shipment will turn red and you can proceed.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 17.59.07

Now we have to make sure all details of our address are correct, you’ll see the size, weight, content & value has been already filled up by us (with the information you provided us in the comment section when you bought the shipping package). If the number of rolls is not exact don’t worry.

IMPORTANT: For all NON-EU clients, you’ll notice the value we place on your package is always below 15€ no matter what. Reason being is customs, it is extremely important cause if the value placed is higher it will be stopped, delayed & charged a fee to pass through. Theoretically we shouldn’t pay any tax on it cause it’s a product that it’s gonna be returned and it’s nothing that has bought, but bureaucracy is bureaucracy and so far we learned this was the simplest and most effective solution.

If you have any questions about customs and value of the package please let us know at shipping@carmencitafilmlab.com

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You will be asked to declare the value of the package, please make sure to write the same the value “by the importer”

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Next steps are the easiest, just NEXT if all the info is right.

NOTICE: Here is where you can change the pick up date in the section “Shipment Date” if you like

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If you are shipping from outside the EU Economic area DHL will ask you for an Invoice of the content of the package, actually any company will do that. A pain in the ass we know it but we just have to deal with it the easiest way we can. There is 2 options:

~ Generanting a DHL invoice  ~

This will look like the following image, you will just need to hit NEXT (cause details and package would be already filled by us). If you look carefully under “Commodity Information” there should be a package already saved. That should match your package.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 19.01.42

~ Generanting a CARMENCITA proforma ~

We can also send you a proforma invoice from Carmencita that you will receive attached to the first email send by DHL (see the first image). You will need to print that and give it to the courier among the rest of the labels. Let us know in advance if you’d like to choose this option!

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It’s time to finalize, to correctly set up the order and print the correct shipping label follow this 3 steps.


Check the inks in your printer!

Also you can save it as a PDF and print it in the closest copy shop


After pressing NEXT this screen should appear, just press NEXT again… c’mon we are almost done : )

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-23 a les 16.01.03

Aaaaaaand you should be ending with something like this on your table:

(The proforma invoice only for Non-EU countries)


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“Wait wait wait… not that fast, I need to schedule a new pickup cause the time doesn’t suit me, what should I do?”

No problemo! You’ll see you order is confirmed when you go inside your importexpress home page and you order look like this with a check sign:


And now you can re-schedule the pickup by clicking on the tab in the top of the page. You can change the address and the pickup time frame, once done click on “Schedule new pickup” and you’ll go to the confirmation page. Inside the confirmation page DHL also provides you with the contact telephone number for your country in case you want to verify or get stuck with any of the steps : )


Now yes, everything set and done! Yeeehaaaa!!

Off the record, you can always login at importexpressonline.dhl.com and see the status of your shipment or make changes.

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Send me back, I’m ready to book my Shipping!