We partnered up with our friends from Sardine Leather Goods in Portugal to bring you what we believe is the best friend of every medium format photographer, a reliable yet comfortable leather strap for those heavy cameras that we love.

Made with genuine leather, every strap has a unique personality that will also change with type and adapt to the use you give it. Also the strap is completely manually sewed so it has as little metal as possible, only the small buckles are made out of metal. This makes it light and more manageable, ensuring apart that it will bend and fit anywhere your camera fits without scratching it.

We felt in love with them the moment we started to use these straps, and we wanted to bring them to you in the colors the we love the most. We feel it’s the best complement to any film camera, so comfortable it feels seamless when using it, yet with a character no one can ignore!

Hand made in Lisboa, Portugal

Size: 100-110cm