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When we say our second love is coffee, we mean it. We actually considered making it a requirement to be a part of the team… Just kidding!

We’re lucky to have our own special blend thanks to Ikore Kofi, specialty coffee roasters who created a unique blend for us: 50% Honduras Copán, 50% Brasil Boa Vista, with aromas of black cocoa and honey, and a citrus note.

We’re happy to collaborate with Ikore Kofi because they treat each grain with care to get the most out of it and pay attention to the tiniest details, much as we do with our frames!

Ikore Kofi, a small and young company founded with the goal to do things differently, selects only 100% Arabica coffees from farms and cooperatives with a high ethical sense in relation to the producers. These relationships allow them to obtain the best coffees while ensuring that farmers are compensated.

The long editing days at the lab would be nothing without it! 

Available coffee beans format or ground!