Miguel Jimenez – Morocco

Miguel Jimenez – Morocco

Miguel Jimenez planned a little trip to Morocco and he let us know before he was just taking his Canon AE1and a Yashica Mat 124G with a bunch of film.
It’s really interesting how we get many orders that customers shoot while on really exotic vacations. Bali, Japan, Sri Lanka, Alaska … You name it! It’s as if people are like “yo, this is gonna be really special… I better capture this on film”.
This makes us happy and really optimistic about the future of film. As long as people keep choosing it for the moments that they REALLY wish to keep for posterity in a magical way we’ll be fine 😉

Hope you guys enjoy Marrakesh, its markets, its small streets, its people and the sahara desert!




!!!!! Marrakech-61

!!!!! Marrakech-23



!!!!!! Marrakech-48






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