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Porto Styled

by BrancoPrata


Gathering all the inspiration from every meet we’ve had so far we couldn’t help to perfect the concept with our experiences and your valuable feedback. We are super happy to bring you a new concept for Carmencita meets, and we couldn’t be in better company than with our old friends from BrancoPrata.

We love welcoming photographers all over the globe to our little corner in the Mediterranean yet we don’t forget our neighbors on the Atlantic coast. Porto offers a brotherhood feeling to what we are used to in Valencia, and we love it. So much that in fact we want our extended family (yes, you!) to discover it too.

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Experience the City as a Local

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We’ll see the city by the best film photography guides we could ever imagine, Sofia & Andre are born & rise in Porto city and even though they work all over the globe there is no way to convince them to move away from the Portuguese coast. In fact there is the risk that they encourage you to move in the city if you visit them!

There isn’t just a location, there are several locations. We will move around the city as it was we know it by heart thanks to our guides in order to be in the best place at the right time. In Porto pretty much everything is at walking distance, full of little streets, impossible corners build before cars were invented and all along the river side.

Oh, did we mention it’s the city that give the name to Port Wine?

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Porto Albert 2

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Learn together

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A huge part of learning and growing as a professional relies on sharing, at least that’s what we firmly believe. We love workshops for that, but as much as we love the knowledge we love the feeling of getting back home with a bunch of new friends that share the same crazy passion about film photography as we do and the fact that we had the chance to talk about our passions over long lunches, warm dinners and cold evening drinks.

And that’s what we aim to do! Rather than telling you how to shoot we would love to exchange experiences and share what we know and how we work while surrounded by the wonders of Porto. Connecting photographers is something that’s written in the very DNA of Carmencita and we can’t get enough of it.

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Perhaps you already knew about the work of our Portugese friends (check them out!) but BrancoPrata is more than just photography. A big part of it relies on the styling and floral design, and we feel it’s a fantastic opportunity to see how they work and combine those skills with photography.

As photographers it can be difficult to see all the hard work behind the styling & decor, we want to use this chance to see how to work side by side with an stylist and get the best out of every shoot. Sofia will be working with us and explaining step by step the process of creating in order to help you work with stylists or even plan something your own when you don’t have and extra pair of  stylist eyes with you.

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Banner Styled Shoot brancoprata

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Bending the “Workshop” concept

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Being able to learn the tips ‘n tricks of big photography names it’s indeed a really good way of learning but we’ve seen a huge rise on the film photography in Europe and we are thrilled to see how everyone is reaching a point where learning how to expose is not a challenge anymore.

Seeing how all the community is evolving we feel there is a lack of an event where you can learn how to develop your business further, how approach your type of clients or even how to book the jobs you love and market yourself; while you can enjoy a relax atmosphere and you can actively participate giving your personal experiences and sharing your concerns among others.

A lot has changed since we opened back in 2013 and we believe workshops are something meant to be updated too!

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You are also a speaker!

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Here is where we believe something can be made different, being cozier than conferences and without the hierarchy of a classic workshop. That’s why we want to meet with you!

We want to hear your voice and create an environment where we all share our thoughts and the only silly question is the one not asked. We will change the lectures by round tables. And yes, tables with ‘s’ cause there is so many things to talk about and remember the city is our playground, this will enable us to move around within the city finding the best spots to gather, discuss and learn.

Everything is within walking distance in Porto… and we know that if it usually takes 10 min to get anywhere, with photographers it takes 30 min between “Oh wait stand there for second!” and “Man I need to take your portrait with this light!”.


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What is included?

  • Accomodation for 4 nights
  • Lunch & Dinner for the 13-14-15th
  • Roundtables with open topics about professional photography
  • Mini tours around the city by BrancoPrata
  • 2 styled shoots
  • Welcoming on Monday 12th
  • Carmencita treats bag
  • Transports from the airport & locations

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Day 1

  • Presentation
  • Why film?
  • Personal Work
  • Historic center detour
  • Lunch
  • Dealing with real clients
  • Destination Photography, pro’s & con’s
  • Porto Wine Tour
  • Dinner by the River
  • Drinks & Live Music

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Day 2

  • How to come up with a styling concept
  • Coffee Break
  • The importance of teamwork before & during the shoot
  • Lunch
  • Understanding the story behind the shoot
  • Styled shoot outside Porto city
  • Dinner outdoors in the city
  • Open Air Cinema

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Day 3

  • The myth behind the Labs
  • Portugese mini gastrotour
  • 100% film? Is this real life?
  • Pricing in Europe
  • Lunch
  • How to reach out to people, connect
  • Styled shoot in Porto city
  • See you soon Dinner
  • Farewell at Gallerias Paris


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Portro 4COMP

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Save your spot!

Wanna come? It’s easy!

Email us at meets@carmencitafilmlab.com with your all your info and we will save a room for you.

Remember there is only 12 places available! [/one_third] [one_third]


– 700€ –

(taxes not included*)[/one_third] [one_third_last]


A 300€ deposit is required to validate your reservation. The balance will be due one month before the workshop starts. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Once done we will make confirm it to you and a spot is yours!


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*21% VAT from Spanish taxes need to be added, if you live inside the EU and you have a VAT number please send it to us and you will be exempt of Spanish taxes. If you live outside the EU no taxes will be applied.

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Know the costs

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Since we started this adventure something was clear as water for us, we are here because we want to help photographers to shoot film and not die trying. First it was scanning and developing, it advanced a bit more with our little film shop and it stablished with spreading the knowledge through workshops.

We can’t be happier for all the experiences we had but from what we’ve seen nowadays it appears that we have an scenario flooded with workshops, and that’s great… when you feel you get what your money is worth.

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That’s why we will open our books and for those who like can know where all the budget goes. If you’ve got questions we will be please to answer! And if at the end of the workshop there is an extra profit we will decide together what to do with it, drinks, film, Carmencita cupons… you name it! Also understand that organization time will be paid in hours to the respective members of BrancoPrata and Carmencita.

This is not a regular workshop, neither it’s meant to be like one. We trust things can be done differently for the best!


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Oporto is a city that’s reinventing itself and this enabled us to find pretty sweet deals when it comes to accommodation. How sweet? Well, what about old city building by the river renewed entirely inside but keeping it’s original floors and ceilings!

Thanks to the guys at Oporto Trendy Apartments we will all be able to sleep within 5′ from each other by walk in the same neighborhood during the 4 nights right at the city center. We would have loved to be all in the same place but to ensure sleeping comfort we rather have some blocks in between us to ensure a snoring-free sleep for everybody = )

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We truly believe staying all together under the same roof is just gonna make this experience better, from late night conversations to being able to find anybody at anytime. We’ve done it in the past and it’s like going school trip but taking away all the boring stuff. Just like eating the top of the muffin!

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Still got questions? Email us!


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Porto Coast