Jan Sholz – Leica/Contax – Portra 160

Jan Sholz – Leica/Contax – Portra 160

Jan Scholz (known around the internet as Micmojo) has been a photographic idol for some of us at the lab for a while now. Needless to say it meant a lot to us when he first sent us film back in april, when we’d only been open for three months.

Working for Jan is both a pleasure and a challenge, because we’re not usually so incredibly familiar with our customer’s body of work. As you may know scanning is a highly interpretative “art form”, that’s why we insist in you giving us color/contrast guidelines if you’re looking for a specific look. In this particular project Jan shot beautiful model Louise in color film. Most of Jan’s work is shot in black and white (mostly Tri-X) and developed and scanned by himself.

The challenge with this particular project was transferring that black and white portrait essence that we all love from him into color film. Hope we succeeded Jan 😉

Louise-55 (1) Louise-80 Louise-112

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