Wesley Nulens – A man and his Contax

Our relationship with Wesley Nulens has gone well beyond client/lab formalities.

As some of you may know he is one of the leading film photographers in Europe.
His masterful use of Kodak Portra films along with his Contax 645 has become quite recognizable upon first sight. Like sometimes we see an image online and we’re like “that’s so Wes!” 😉
He’s been with us basically since day one, literally. Our manager met him at the (now legendary) FIND Ibiza Jonathan Canlas workshop, and the rest as they say “is history”.

We’ve developed and scanned dozens of weddings since we started working with him and we’ve seen him take his wedding methodology to perfection. And yes, we’re proud of you Wes!

We’ve been meaning to feature him for a long time, but as is sometimes the case with wedding photographers he’s had a really busy season and we never found the time during the Summer.

But finally here it is. A full wedding by our friend and client Wesley Nulens. Feating his magic use of Kodak Portra and Contax 645 during a beautiful couple’s wedding in Belgium this Summer.

Rock on Wes!


Yaroslav & Jenny

We’ve had a few great clients lately from Russia, and we’re really excited about it. Some of us at the lab are huge fans of classic Russian portraiture and they’re whole great camera tradition ( Zenit, Kiev, FED, you name it!). A couple weeks ago a package arrived from Russia with a bunch of medium format rolls from a photographer couple named Yaroslav & Jenny. Their comments on the order form were super enthusiastic.

They loved the work they’s seen come out of our lab and where really eager to see what we could do with their film. Turns out these guys are good. They travel all around Russia carrying their Contax 645 and iPhones (yeah, they’re huge on Instagram) and whenever they stop traveling they take awesome photographs on beautiful weddings.
So… how could we not show you guys what their rolls contained?


Eugeniya-1 Eugeniya-18 Eugeniya-24 Eugeniya-32 Eugeniya-34 Eugeniya-35 Eugeniya-36 Eugeniya-102Eugeniya-81 Eugeniya-94 Eugeniya-110Eugeniya-40

Katja Scherle

We really felt like featuring client Katja Scherle today. We’ve been working with her for quite some time and we’ve seen her shape her style and improve a whole lot.

She’s never been shy about getting the look she wanted out of her film. She’s asked us all kind of questions and really worked with us to get a personal look.

We thought this particular session was specially worth showing since she shot another incredibly talented client of ours, Jeanie Micheel.

In Katja’s own words:

Funny how life is sometimes. Two years ago I discovered Jeanie Micheel’s Facebook page and admired her beautiful images. Now I’m sharing beautiful images of her I shot myself. How did this happen? About six months ago we got to chatting about film on the internet. Four months ago we met for a mentoring session that still resonates with me. And before that Jeanie had asked me to take her picture. She wanted to do a session that represented her love for nature, her independent spirit, her boho chic style – and of course her love for film. And somehow I came into the equation. I was honoured but of course there was some pressure. Pressure only by myself on myself – Jeanie herself was incredibly relaxed and trusting. So her, our awesome make up Artist Angélique, my Contax and I met. And it was a beautiful afternoon we all enjoyed very much (yes, the Contax too, I asked her). 


So yeah, for the geek out there Katja shot the Contax 645 and Fuji 400H (overexposed 2 to 3 stops) for color and Kodak Tmax 100 for black and white.


Jeanie-8Jeanie-10Jeanie-20Jeanie-27Jeanie-34Jeanie-50Jeanie-55Jeanie-57 Jeanie-59Jeanie-92Jeanie-94 

Martin Condomines: 5 Months Away

Today we’re really glad to feature client Martin Condomines ‘s 5 month travel through Australia adn Bali.

When his rolls arrived at the lab the Order Form said “first time shooting film… hope something works out”.

Just after scanning the first couple of frames we knew this was special. Besides the obvious beauty of the stuff he photographed along his road trip his compositions really stood out. Perfect framing and spot on exposure and never more than one shot for a given moment/subject.
Read on and check kurt what a this French photographer who works mainly during the Summer wedding season did to have a second chance to get summer in the Southern hemisphere.

Oh, and for the curious, this was all shot with a Canon EOS 3 using Kodak Portra 160 and 400 films.



5monthsAway-1791(pp_w779_h521) board-sydney-trip-roadtrip-map-photographer1(pp_w779_h580)
gili-islands-trip-horse-bali-indonesia1(pp_w779_h580) 5monthsAway-981(pp_w779_h521) 5monthsAway-1711(pp_w779_h521)
desert-autralia-red-center-gastation1(pp_w779_h580) 5monthsAway-2211(pp_w779_h521)

Joao Mascarenhas

Today we’re super excited about featuring on a full post the work of client Joao Mascarenhas. His work has popped here and there on past BEST OF blog posts, but with his latest 30 roll order we were like “man, we gonna post this stuff!” So here it is! Great fashion shots, skate lifestyle stuff and daily life documenting from Portuguese film wizard Joao. ENJOY!   JoaoMAY-708JoaoMAY-305JoaomascarenhasJoaoMAY-252JoaoMAY-466 JoaoMAY-482FlipJoaoMAY-360JoaoMAY-169JoaoMAY-224JoaoMAY-780JoaoMAY-611JoaoMAY-477FlipJoaoMAY-358JoaoMAY-491JoaoMAY-274

Héctor Pozuelo: Editorial For Lazy Oaf

Héctor Pozuelo has been a client of ours almost from the start.
He is a personal friend of some of the guys at the lab, and we couldn’t be happier at how much recognition he’s finally getting for his fashion work.

It’s interesting how Héctor had pretty much reached a “photographic plateau” scanning his own negatives on home flatbed scanners and suddenly felt like he could finally get the results he KNEW were possible by sending his film to us.

Not sayin’ “we’ll take your photography to the next level”, but we thought it’s interesting that many customers do their own scanning on Canon 9000F or Epson V700 and end up giving us a try and most of the time freak out at how RIGHT the stuff they were doing was. There was nothing wrong with their film or camera choices, it’s just shitty scanning! Needless to say we’ve also seen great results from guys scanning on V700’s so if you’re one of them please don’t feel offended 😉

So how cool is it to scan a happy client/friend’s negatives that you know are for an important fashion label?

This is exactly what these photos are. An editorial by Héctor Pozuelo for London-based fashion label Lazy Oaf shot primarily on Contax G2 / Kodak Portra 800 and Pentax 67 / Fuji NPH400.


PS: yeah, the light leaks are intentional, and we love ’em! 😛

HectorPozueloHectorPozuelo1 HectorPozuelo2 HectorPozuelo3 HectorPozuelo4 HectorPozuelo5 HectorPozuelo6 HectorPozuelo7 HectorPozuelo8

Michael Ferire : Stromae Backstage for Mosaert Shooting

Check out client Michael Ferire rocking out Kodak Portra 400 in really tough artificial light situations for a campaign for Mosaert clothing company!

Michael has pretty much perfected the art of concert and backstage fashion photography on film, which for the most part feature harsh artificial lights and/or mixed white balance stuff.

Unlike other film photographers he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. The guy just shoots with all his passion (AND meters like a boss!) and just sends us his rolls from whatever part of the world he’s currently in.

We scanned this a while ago and though it was about time to publish it so we can all start to brake a couple of myths about film photography.

So yeah, film looks amazing on a really bright sunset on a beautiful hill (with backlit olive trees ‘n stuff), but when shot correctly on the worst artificial light situation you can get pretty amazing stuff too… ask Michael about it 😉

* All images shot on Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 ( not pushed, in case you were about to ask ).

FerireFebruary-56 FerireFebruary-350 FerireFebruary-346 MicahelFerire FerireFebruary-123 FerireFebruary-65 FerireFebruary-84 FerireFebruary-140 FerireFebruary-149 FerireFebruary-173 FerireFebruary-193 FerireFebruary-174 FerireFebruary-234 mosaertclothes_101_carmencita

Miguel Jimenez – Morocco

Miguel Jimenez planned a little trip to Morocco and he let us know before he was just taking his Canon AE1and a Yashica Mat 124G with a bunch of film.
It’s really interesting how we get many orders that customers shoot while on really exotic vacations. Bali, Japan, Sri Lanka, Alaska … You name it! It’s as if people are like “yo, this is gonna be really special… I better capture this on film”.
This makes us happy and really optimistic about the future of film. As long as people keep choosing it for the moments that they REALLY wish to keep for posterity in a magical way we’ll be fine 😉

Hope you guys enjoy Marrakesh, its markets, its small streets, its people and the sahara desert!




!!!!! Marrakech-61

!!!!! Marrakech-23



!!!!!! Marrakech-48






Pia Clodi – Dreaming of a Summer Wedding

Now that the wedding season has only just started it felt like the right moment to feature an incredible work by client Pia Clodi we had the pleasure of developing and scanning a while ago. Of course we would have loved to show it to you guys before, but as it happens with many stuff that comes through the lab there are always deadlines and privacy policies and/or exclusive content that can’t be released until the client is cool with it. In this case this gorgeous stuff got published in the Hochzeitswahn book! (you can buy it here). We love how Pia captured the beauty of the Austrian summer landscapes combined with gorgeous traditional Tracht costumes and most importantly; real emotions from real people. It was really interesting finding out that one of the keys to this awesome staged shoot not looking artificial was the fact that the actual cast were all friends and family of Pia.

That makes so much sense and really gives that happy celebration vibe to it! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! PS: the whole shoot was done on Contax 645 and Fuji 400H 😉 PiaClodi1 Piaclodi3 Piaclodi4 Piaclodi5 piaclodi6 piaclodi7 PiaCLodi8 PiaClodi9 piaclodi10 PiaCLodi11 PiaCLodi12 piaclodi13 piaclodi14 piaclodi15 PiaCLodi16 PiaClodi17 PiaCLodi20 PiaClodi18 PiCLodi21

CREDITS: Blog & Shop: Hochzeitswahn Wedding Planner: Prime Moments Catering & Location: Landart Invitations & Stationery: Herz & Co Flowers: Kunstgärtnerei Doll Hair & Make-Up: Coiffeur Sturmayr Trachten Wedding Dress: Tostmann Trachten Videography: Visual Elegance – Hochzeitsvideos Videography: Santiago di Boceta

Hanke Arkenbout

Hanke Arkenbout is one of those clients that we’ve seen grow both technically and artistically with every order she sent us.
Always enthusiastic about her scans and eager to learn how to get the face… Enjoy!

Hanke Arkenbout es uno de esos clientes a los que hemos visto crecer tanto técnica como artísticamente en cada nuevo encargo que nos enviaba.
Siempre entusiasta sobre sus scans y ávida de conocimiento respecto de cómo obtener su look deseado de su película Hanke tiene un don especial para capturar sentimientos, en especial el amor y la gente que lo desprende.
Sus fotos son un placer de escanear y hemos preparado una selección de sus trabajos que más nos gustan esperando que esbocen una sonrisa en vuestas caras… ¡Disfrutad!














Toni Raper – The Poetics of Ordinary Life

OK, this blog post is special, and not just because Toni Raper has been our first Australian customer (which blew our mind!). The beauty of what see does touched us deeply at the lab. The following photographs are part of her ongoing “journey” of personal work, an attempt at “finding the poetic in ordinary life”.

Toni Raper takes us through what a Christmas family gathering looks like in Australia and a weekend camping by the sea with her kids and her boyfriend to celebrate Australia Day. The beauty see finds in everyday moments of kids’ lives is breathtaking, and we can’t help but think how lucky these kids are, and how in 10 or 20 years time they will look at these photographs and be amazed. In fact this is not just a coincidence, since in Toni’s own words “It’s important to me to have people look back in years to come and feel a sense of who they were at a time and place in their lives. Film is my medium of choice because it allows the soul of the moment to dominate.”

So yeah, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… Just a HUGE thank you to Toni for sending out her precious film all the way from Australia to Spain and letting us be a part of her family’s memories. Enjoy.

PersonalWorkFebruary14-9 PersonalWorkFebruary14-36 PersonalWorkFebruary14-53 PersonalWorkFebruary14-66 PersonalWorkFebruary14-73 PersonalWorkFebruary14-94 PersonalWorkFebruary14-97 PersonalWorkFebruary14-101 PersonalWorkFebruary14-103

Love Is My Favorite Color : Bali

Rui Vaz Franco has been been sending film our way for a while now. Love Is My Favorite Color is his photographic duo with his wife Cristiana. They shoot gorgeous weddings and engagement sessions in their native Portugal, and always brighten our days while we scan all those wonderful sunny landscapes full of loving couples.

This time around Rui sent in some personal work. He had just spent some well-deserved vacation time in Bali with Cristiana , and shot a bunch of film. Rui has his metering skills together and shot mainly Fuji 400H on the Contax 645. He also shot more 400H and some Kodak Ektar on the 35mm Nikon F100, but he owns a great scanner for 35mm and was gonna do them himself. Upon receiving the medium format scans he was some happy with the results that he sent in the 35mm too.

Oh, and by the way, these were all shot during December… while most of our clients were moaning about rainy/snowy/dark northern winters 😛

Great work Rui! Hope you get to surf in Bali soon, in the mean time it’s good to have all these wonderful memories captured on film 🙂

Carmencita Bali01Carmencita Bali02Carmencita Bali12Carmencita Bali11Carmencita Bali10Carmencita Bali09Carmencita Bali08Carmencita Bali05 Carmencita Bali07

Carmencita Bali14 Carmencita Bali06Carmencita Bali04Carmencita Bali03

Branco Prata

We’ve been been working with Branco Prata almost since the beginning of the lab. If you don’t know them already they are the most in demand fine art wedding photographers in Portugal. It’s been a while now since we wanted to put toghether a feature for them, but the timing was never quite right, until today! The other day André posted this gorgeous Portuguese wedding on the Branco Prata Blog and we re-discovered it and totally agreed we had to show it to you guys. What can we say? Total command of hard light situations (yay for film’s huge latitude!) … gorgeous settings … tasteful framing and posing… André sure rocks the Contax 645 Fuji 400H combo! So yeah, really proud to count Branco Prata among our friend/clients. Thanks for trusting in Carmencita André! PS: happy Valentine´s Day to y’all! 😉

BrancoPrata2 BrancoPrata3 Brancoprata1 BrancoPrata4 BrancoPrata5 BrancoPrata8 BrancoPrata9 BrancoPrata41 BrancoPrata10 BrancoPrata40 BrancoPrata11 BrancoPrata50 BrancoPrata15-16 BrancoPrata51 BrancoPrata52 BrancoPrata21-22 BrancoPrata53 BrancoPrata23-25 BrancoPrata24 BrancoPrata26-27 BrancoPrata33 BrancoPrata34 BrancoPrata35 BrancoPrata36 BrancoPrata32 BrancoPrata31 BrancoPrata30

The Analog Docs

The Analog Docs have been great clients of ours for a while now. These two Austrian doctors are on a mission to shoot all kinds of film stocks/cameras and do every possible thing in their hands to no let this beautiful medium we call FILM die out. In this blog feature we wanted to show you guys their latest fashion work shot on Portra 400 & 800 and with the Contax 645 and Fuji 690 GW II medium format cameras.

Be sure to sign up for their coming workshop in Vienna if you’re close to Austria and wanna learn from the best!


Hace ya un tiempo que tenemos el placer de contar entre nuestros clientes a The Analog Docs. Este dúo de doctores austríacos se ha propuesto como misión disparar todas las películas/cámaras disponibles y basicamente hacer todo lo que esté en sus manos para conseguir que este precioso medio que llamamos PELÍCULA no desaparezca. En este post queríamos mostraros su último trabajo de moda, disparado con película Portra 400 & 800 y las cámaras de formato medio Contax 645 y Fuji 690 GW II.

¡No dudéis en apuntaros a su próximo workshop en Vienna si pasáis por Austria!


Analog Docs_0015

Analog Docs_0017

Analog Docs_0014

Analog Docs_0013

Analog Docs_0012

Analog Docs_0010

Analog Docs_0011

Analog Docs_0008

Analog Docs_0003

Analog Docs_0004

Analog Docs_0005

Analog Docs_0006

Analog Docs_0007

Analog Docs_0009

Models: Mary Foxy-Love, Johannes Egger & Maïté Kalita
M&H: Julia Abulez
Fashion: enVie
Jewellery: Katie G. Jewellery
Location: Circle C Lamaranch

Noemi Jariod – Contax 645 – Portra 400 Ilford 3200

You can probably understand why our jaws dropped while we were scanning this awesome work by client Noemi Jariod. These are all part of the Fall/Winter 2013/1014 Magnolia Antic catalog shooting. We’re extremely thankful for brands supporting work shot on film and specialy proud (in an almost patriotic way) of Noemi, for trusting us and for obtaining such top-notch results. Congratulations Noemi!


Al ver este espectacular trabajo de Noemi Jariod entenderéis que nos quedáramos boquiabiertos mientras lo escaneábamos. Estas fotos forman parte del catálogo Otoño/Invierno 2014/2014 para la marca Magnolia Antic. Nos alegramos muchísimo de que marcas como ésta apoyen el trabajo de calidad hecho en película y estamos especialmente orgullosos (de una manera casi patriótica) de Noemi, por haber confiado en nosotros y por haber obtenido resultados así de espectaculares. ¡Enhorabuena Noemi!