Carmencita Tote Bag Promo

Hi there everyone!

It’s a “funny” Friday for us at the lab since yesterday it was a National Holiday here and specifically in Valencia we pretty much burned down the whole city ( like literally … watch this or google “fallas” and you’ll freak out).
Today we’re launching a promo that we hope you love:
We’re giving away amazing Carmencita tote bags to any shop orders of 10 or more rolls of film.
This is a beautiful 41cm long x 38cm wide cotton tote bag that is basically the coolest thing around town and of course it’s way more eco-friendly than using a thousand plastic bags every time you need to grab something at the grocery store.
The promo starts today and is good until we run out of them so go for it!
Besides, who doesn’t need 10 more rolls of film at reduced costs?
Go ahead an grab some Portra, Fuji 400H, Acros or even FP4 at
PS: mad props to client/friend Marcos Pérez for being our model for a while!
For the geeks out there the shots are taken on Fuji 400H overexposed 2 stops using a Contax 645 by our very own Buenaventura Marco
PS2: no, we don’t sell the tote bags, you GOTTA BUY SOME FREAKIN’ FILM in order to apply 😛

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