Carmencita Mailbox In Moscow

It’s a been a very long time since we “looked East”. For us it means the world that photographers from such far away places as Russia trust us with their images. That’s why we did the best we can to make the shipping process as painless as possible =) Wanna know how it works? It’s really simple!

How it works

We created a mailbox inside the city center (first circle!) where your film will travel directly to from Moscow to Valencia. We wish there could be secret tunnel that would connect the lab with Moscow but there is not (yet). So your film will travel on a weekly shipment with TNT that we will arrange.

Preparing Your Film!

It is VERY IMPORTANT that your film is properly ready for shipping, to do so you will need to put your film in a plastic ziplock bag and it needs to have the Order Form inside with your full details. Otherwise we cannot know who the film belongs to and we can’t start processing your order, it’s simple but it’s crucial to do it =)

By Hand or By Mail

You can either deliver the film by hand (Close to the metro station Sukharevskaya) 
or you can ship it from anywhere in Russia to our Mailbox!

Where it is?

Opening Hours:  9:00 – 20:00 
Person Charge: Viktor Moskalyev 
Phone: +7 926 194 42 84
Address: Ananyevskiy per. 4/2с2, 107045 Moskva, Russia

Free Shipping!

We will gather all the film inside our handmade wooden mailbox during the week and every Tuesday it will be picked up by TNT. Why Tuesday? Well, if all goes good with our friends from Russian customs we should receive the film on Friday on the same week!

This service is completely free of cost for you, the photographer. You only have to make sure to get your film to the mailbox and once there we take care of all the rest =)

Our Partners in Moscow

The place is a co-working space of the most prominent wedding event in Russia – WFEST (the festival of stylish weddings) who was founded by four talented ladies and who run their business from this place. They are:

Questions? Email us!

We will be more than happy to answer any question you might have at:

We are really looking forward to see what comes out from Russia this summer, the film scene is rising quickly and we are constantly surprised but the quality of the works that we see from the Eastern Countries!

до скорого!

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