Carmencita Crew Member Feature: Laura Leal

Carmencita Crew Member Feature: Laura Leal

So again it’s time for us to show you guys one of our crew members’ work.
As you may know at the lab we’re all photographers. We’re all obsessed with perfect film tones and are big camera nerds. So we knbow where you’re coming from!

Laura Leal has been one of the latest additions to the lab’s crew. She started her “relationship” with Carmencita as a customer. She, like so many of us, had spent years scanning her own stuff on flatbed home scanners and felt really relieved to finally get great looking scans straight into her inbox. Of course as the lab grew bigger and bigger (and she being friends with a few of us for a while) we felt hiring her was the perfect choice!

Her work is primarily shot on Contax 645 and she switches from Portra to Fuji 400H whenever she feels tone-wise she needs one or the other.
Today we show you the stuff she’s better known for, that is great fashion editorials, soulfull female portraits and model test shots.

So yeah, next time you receive your scans and a loving feedback text you can be like “oh my f*cking God, this Laura is that 24 year-old girl they featured a while ago who shot those amazing photos of girls!” 😛

Hope you love them as much as we do!

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