XXL and XXXL format comparison

XXXL is here!

XXL and XXXL format comparison

Photo by Aida Chambó


We know that as film shooters you have several possibilities when it comes to getting your images scanned, and we’ve certainly come a long way from our M-size comfort zone.

Whenever we have the chance to upgrade your options, we try to figure out how we can deliver our best. So, for a few months now, we’ve been discussing the possibility of taking the XXL format to the next step. And we finally have something to show you!



As photographers, we understand the importance of looking for even the tiniest detail, and since we rarely carry a magnifying glass with us, this higher resolution is ideal for seeing finer textures, definition, and grain structure. So, basically, it needs to be a perfect shot, or else you will see all the flaws. No pressure.

Jokes aside, the XXXL scan expands the variety of possibilities. It also allows you to print it larger if you want to in the future. At the lab, we did our testing and in all seriousness, we just printed a whopping 110 x 170 cm print from the image you see below. And it looks amazing.

We know that nothing beats drum scanning, but more often than not it’s complex to perform, expensive and slow. Not available to everyone whenever a big size is needed. That’s where we believe the XXXL comes to fill the gap!


This service will only be available for individual frames, since it’s very time-consuming and requires way more time to prepare than a regular scan.

We hope this will give you a bit of an insight into what other resolutions look like. Bigger resolutions are necessary and perfect when it comes to printing BIG, but remember, in photography, bigger is not always better. For us, as a lab, it’s important to be able to show you the amazing capabilities that film has (for when they are necessary).

Never forget, M file scans will share the same color palette as XXXL scans and the most important thing is to have fun when shooting film. Happy shooting and let us do the magic behind the scenes!



We are so impressed with the capabilities of this new XXXL resolution that we don’t want to do any convincing, but rather encourage you to download the original file and judge by yourself 😉