SilvergrainClassics x Leica Gallery Frankfurt Meetup


Clear some time in your calendar and start packing your gear because we’re going on a trip! If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know what we’re talking about… On June 25, we’ll be special guests at the SilvergrainClassics & Leica Gallery Frankfurt analog meetup!




Although we may not be the headliners at your favorite summer music festival, being a special guest at this extremely special occasion kind of makes us the Rosalía of the analog community, right? Okay, don’t shatter our dreams, at least that’s what we’d like to believe!

SilvergrainClassics and the Leica Gallery Frankfurt have teamed up to bring you a fantastic lineup of analog movers and shakers. We’re eager to finally meet in person again and we’ll sure make the most of it!  The best news is that you can get your tickets right now:





We’ll hear from Mirko Boeddecker (CEO of ADOX and FotoImpex), Lina Bessonova (Photographer and Influencer), Nicolas Llasera (Nico’s Photography Show), The SivergrainClassics crew, and Carmencita’s founder himself, Albert Roig.



Make sure you have enough room in your suitcase because there will be new and used Leica camera sales at the event! Workshops, photowalks, a Steve McCurry gallery show, a Q&A with Mirko Boeddecker, and some analog community news will also be held.

Keep in mind that you must reserve your spot in order to attend the SilvergrainClassics & Leica Gallery Frankfurt Meetup. The countdown has begun… We’re so looking forward to this day! See you around!