Photo Forum is finally here! We are really glad that BodaF has grown and decided to move to Barcelona to open itself to the international community. They invited us to participate as part of the photographic scene in Spain & Europe and we just couldn’t say no.  We are still trying to get over the terrible news about Rodney Smith, and we know this event won’t be the same without his contribution but we are still thrilled to be part of it. We aim to make the best out of it and to put the spotlight on film photography!

Scanning your own negatives!



YES it is happening! We are bringing a Frontier Scanner to the conference so you can sit in front of it and scan your very own film. One of our scanners & editors will be present to help and to guide you through the process.

We want you to see by yourself what happens during the scanning process and witness just how much does the scanning affect the outcome of the final image. This will be completely free of cost and you will be able to walk away with your images.

This is the first time we are doing something like this and we are really excited about you being part of it. We believe it’s not necessary to be super technical about film to create beautiful images, but it helps a lot when dealing with your lab if you know what is exactly going on behind the scanning process 🙂

Book your 20 min scanning session: HERE


BrancoPrata is one of the key speakers at this year edition of Photo Forum ’17. Their trajectory has grabbed the attention of both digital and analog shooters and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

They’ve been working hard since 2004 to define their own style and to understand why should anyone hire them to capture their wedding day. How to make a difference whilst making sense and expressing what you want through flowers, design and photography. It’s been a long way but it wasn’t until a year ago when they finally found the path to follow for both themselves and their brand, and if you talk with them, they’ll tell you 2016 was the best year on their career exactly because of that.

Be Distinctive, Be Unique. That is what they realized is the reason behind everything they do. Every frame, every graphic, every flower… everything they choose is intended to go in that direction and to make their clients feel this uniqueness. They will talk about a moment in time where everyone has a camera and just how can you create work that says something clear and distinctive in a world filled with images.

  • Thu. 16/3 at 16:15



2 Más En La Mesa

Este tándem de fotógrafos del norte de la península llevan un par de años reivindicando la película a nivel comercial de verdad.

Creando cada vez más bodas disparadas íntegramente en película dentro del mercado español y demostrando que si se puede vender fotografía analógica comercial en España.

  • Jue. 16/3 a las 11:15

Wesley Nulens

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you probably know who Wesley is.

He’ll talk on how 10 years behind a camera led him to realize that time is the most valuable thing he had. How he was able to get his life back through film photography and how this helped him to be a better photographer, friend and husband.

  • Fri. 17/3 at 13:30

*Todas las keynotes son gratuitas ya que se encuentran dentro del recinto comercial, solo hay que registrarse aquí

*All the keynotes are free entry since they are on the comercial area, you will only need to register here


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