Few Frames w/ Leo Amaya

It’s been a while since we started working with Leo, we’ve seen his evolution with film photography and it was a pleasure to see that he quickly started sharing what he learned online over his Youtube channel.

As a lab we always wanted to share information and make illustrative videos about film photography but to be honest it’s terribly time consuming, we can’t really do it ourselves and the moment we knew Leo was into it, and doing a terrific job we said, we need to suport this guy!

In a Few Frames we want to showcase bodies of work that imply an experience told through film photography only, not different snaps from different places but one experience narreted though the lens of an analog camera.

Leo’s trip completely matches our goal and even more, he has a video illustrating it! (in spanish this time )



In his words:

“A year ago I went on an adventure with a group of friends to the North Pole, to the Lapland regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland. I wanted to consider this trip as a totally analog experience, 20 rolls of film and more than 600 photos captured the trip, our adventure around this region of the planet. Now a year later I relive that experience through the images, what my eyes captured and what I have lived there during those days.

A part of me stayed there yet I took with me another very important, I wanted to continue traveling, to continue living and capturing unique moments in my roll. I discovered my passion for nature, feeling the sea breeze running down my back and the sound of seagulls hovering over my thoughts.

This selection is a mixture of landscapes emotions and the many different moments that we lived there.

– Leo Amaya


With Leo we worked on a softer color palette but specially paying attention to the reds and green tones. That’s why we choose the Noritsu to do all his scans on this job. Also the softness of the Noritsu helps render the northern light which is naturally softer much better. Blues were also important and since the weather conditions were far from ideal as we can see on the video, trying to get clean shadows was also a bit of challenge without breaking the mood of the image but in this case, the result was beautiful!