Traveling Light 2017 · 2 spots giveaway!


You’ve probably heard about Traveling Light, the film photography gathering that is being held in the surroundings of northern Barcelona, at the heart of Costa Brava. We feel really close to the project in many ways as we have always wanted to connect photographers and make film photography go further. That’s why we created the Carmencita Meets, and the experience has been so positive through the last 3 years that our founders wanted to take it a step further, and not limit the experience to 15 people but rather to 150 photographers 🙂



10 Conferences & 8 Workshops

So, what’s it gonna be about? There’s 10 Conferences from different photographers that move in various fields, the 1st day it’s going to be orientated towards editorial work & business, and the 2nd day will be focused on photography itself and the relationship with film. The schedule has recently been launched and you can see all the details!

It’s gonna be a very unique chance to learn and network inside the film community because there has never been this many film photographers under one roof in Europe or elsewhere. Traveling Light is meant for you to take a break during the after-season, away from the big city life and create a space to connect and share without fears. Some of the speakers will also host an optional full day workshop during Saturday 4th, some of them are already sold out but if you are interested make sure to check it out since many of the speakers do no offer workshops regularly. Oh and all of this by the side of the mediterranean catalan coast.


Spot giveaway!

Interested? Wanna be part of it? Now is your chance. We’ve partnered up with Traveling Light to giveaway 2 spots for free among all the people that are interested in the Facebook event! How it will work:

  • Mark “Interested” in the Traveling Light 2017 Facebook Event
  • On the 12th of July we will randomly pick 2 names from the list of those interested
  • The first 2 names to pop up will own a Traveling Ticket 2017 worth 295€*

Easy? We think so! Also we will be there to meet and greet the winners. Probably not all the Carmencita family (since there’s 30 of us nowadays) but for sure a good bunch of us!


*If for some reason either of the winners won’t be able to attend we will pick another name randomly from the list.


We are lucky enough to be working side by side with some the big names in the European film photography scene nowadays, and we are even luckier to be able to call them friends. We believe they are great photographers not only by the images they create but also by how they push film photography further and make it available to other photographers, how they shaped the industry in the last years and how using traditional techniques they’ve been able to set themselves at the top of their game.

We feel it’s a very exciting time to be a photographer nowadays and there are hundreds of interesting people that choose to express themselves behind a camera and make us see the world in a new way. We love them and we want to add our grain of sand in this community of analog dreamers : )

All the info at:


See you there!



Photo Forum is finally here! We are really glad that BodaF has grown and decided to move to Barcelona to open itself to the international community. They invited us to participate as part of the photographic scene in Spain & Europe and we just couldn’t say no.  We are still trying to get over the terrible news about Rodney Smith, and we know this event won’t be the same without his contribution but we are still thrilled to be part of it. We aim to make the best out of it and to put the spotlight on film photography!

Scanning your own negatives!



YES it is happening! We are bringing a Frontier Scanner to the conference so you can sit in front of it and scan your very own film. One of our scanners & editors will be present to help and to guide you through the process.

We want you to see by yourself what happens during the scanning process and witness just how much does the scanning affect the outcome of the final image. This will be completely free of cost and you will be able to walk away with your images.

This is the first time we are doing something like this and we are really excited about you being part of it. We believe it’s not necessary to be super technical about film to create beautiful images, but it helps a lot when dealing with your lab if you know what is exactly going on behind the scanning process 🙂

Book your 20 min scanning session: HERE


BrancoPrata is one of the key speakers at this year edition of Photo Forum ’17. Their trajectory has grabbed the attention of both digital and analog shooters and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

They’ve been working hard since 2004 to define their own style and to understand why should anyone hire them to capture their wedding day. How to make a difference whilst making sense and expressing what you want through flowers, design and photography. It’s been a long way but it wasn’t until a year ago when they finally found the path to follow for both themselves and their brand, and if you talk with them, they’ll tell you 2016 was the best year on their career exactly because of that.

Be Distinctive, Be Unique. That is what they realized is the reason behind everything they do. Every frame, every graphic, every flower… everything they choose is intended to go in that direction and to make their clients feel this uniqueness. They will talk about a moment in time where everyone has a camera and just how can you create work that says something clear and distinctive in a world filled with images.

  • Thu. 16/3 at 16:15



2 Más En La Mesa

Este tándem de fotógrafos del norte de la península llevan un par de años reivindicando la película a nivel comercial de verdad.

Creando cada vez más bodas disparadas íntegramente en película dentro del mercado español y demostrando que si se puede vender fotografía analógica comercial en España.

  • Jue. 16/3 a las 11:15

Wesley Nulens

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you probably know who Wesley is.

He’ll talk on how 10 years behind a camera led him to realize that time is the most valuable thing he had. How he was able to get his life back through film photography and how this helped him to be a better photographer, friend and husband.

  • Fri. 17/3 at 13:30

*Todas las keynotes son gratuitas ya que se encuentran dentro del recinto comercial, solo hay que registrarse aquí

*All the keynotes are free entry since they are on the comercial area, you will only need to register here


¡Nos vemos allí!
Self Hasselblad fullsize 300dpi 7 2


Self Hasselblad fullsize 300dpi 7 2photo by Theresa Pewal

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¡Estamos super contentos de anunciar la segunda edición del workshop de fotografía analógica de Carmencita en Valencia!

Queremos acercar la fotografía analógica a todo aquel que tenga curiosidad y quiera descubrir más dejando de lado la cámara digital y sin morir en el intento. La idea es seguir compartiendo todo lo que vamos aprendiendo año tras año con los fotógrafos de nuestra ciudad y de todo el mundo.

Por ese mismo motivo hemos decidido poner este conocimiento sobre papel y en forma de taller intensivo de un día, más fácil imposible. Queremos transmitir todas las bases sobre la fotografía analógica tal y como se está disparando hoy en día a nivel comercial en Europa y EUA. ¿Tiene sentido seguir poniendo carretes en nuestras cámaras?, ¿Qué es lo que hace que desde 2007 las ventas de carretes suban cada año? Queremos ser un libro abierto y explicar al detalle todas las claves para disparar en película =)


LeicaM6 KodakTMax100 CarmencitaFilmLab KirstinMckeephoto by Kirstin McKee

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Rolleicord KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab PabloGarceraphoto by Pablo Garcerá

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Explicaremos al detalle qué hacer, qué no hacer, cómo exponer, las opciones de película que existen y las características de cada una de ellas, entre otras cosas. Y como sabemos que del dicho al hecho hay un trecho, tendremos una parte teórica y una parte práctica. Al final de la jornada volveremos al laboratorio y podremos ver el resultado de lo disparado por la tarde.

También aprovecharemos para enseñarte las entrañas del laboratorio y todo lo que les sucede exactamente a tus carretes desde que entran por nuestra puerta hasta que llegan a tu buzón.

Aquí tenéis el programa con más detalle:

  • Película y cámaras
    • Formatos
    • Tipos de cámaras
    • Tipos de carretes
    • Latitud de la película
    • El forzado de película
  • Exposición
    • Cómo exponer para película en color
    • Cómo exponer para película en B&W
    • El porqué de sobreexponer
  • Trabajar con un laboratorio
    • Qué pedirle a un laboratorio
    • Comunicación
    • Hasta dónde es importante un buen revelado
    • Diferencias entre escáners


Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab MarionHeurteboustphoto by Marion Heurteboust
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Fecha: 1 de Abril de 2017

Horario: 10 – 13:45 y 15- 20

Precio: 100€ (IVA incl.)

Reserva: Aquí

Lugar: Carmencita Film Lab

*Con el precio de la asistencia va incluido un revelado y escaneado L gratis

Una vez hecha la reserva os enviaremos toda la información respecto horarios concretos, material que llevar, etc…

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A través del siguiente enlace accederás a nuestro apartado de tienda donde puedes comprar tu plaza. Hay plazas limitadas así que no lo dudes demasiado 😉


¿Tienes alguna duda? Estaremos encantados de responderte en:

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CanonEOS3 KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab EmilyWalkerphoto by Emily Walker

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FIND in a BOX: The complete guide

  – “The only silly question is the one not asked.”

To properly start talking about what’s FIND in a BOX we should probably begin with a big fat “Alooooooooha!”. This Hawaiian value of love and family and sharing is really what’s at the essence of the Film Is Not Dead movement. But the idea that strikes me the most about FIND was the excerpt above. I’ve heard it every time at the beginning of each of the seven FIND Workshops I’ve attended.  Without fail, I’d see it in the other photographers’ faces: a slight smile and the expression that “this guy is for real”.

Perhaps we do not mention this enough, but at Carmencita we have a deep relationship with FIND and theFINDlab. One of our co-founders received a scholarship to FIND Maui back in 2011 and then spent 3 months the following year in the US working at the FIND lab and helping in several other workshops across the States.

All that experience lead us to realize how quiet the film scene in Europe was back then (hello 2012) and sparked the desire to open a full service pro-film lab like there was in the other side of the Atlantic. With that idea and a scanner, Carmencita was born. For us, theFINDlab is the closest thing we’ll have to a sister lab =) 


At Carmencita, we stand for helping all those photographers who want to shoot film; regardless of location or circumstance. These were also some of the main motives behind the FIND workshops and we believe that continued learning and the sharing of knowledge it is the only way to keep film alive and kicking. But all good things come to an end and after 8 years and 50+ workshops, FIND as a workshop came to an end. We were fortunate enough to be a part of the last two FIND workshops in Berlin and Madrid and Carmencita was able to collaborate with Jonathan Canlas. It was an amazing experience and we see today, about a year later, how many of the photographers in attendance then are happy, full-time film shooters today. That’s the best reward we could have asked for.

That being said it, to be honest it was a bittersweet moment; bitter  because FIND was coming to an end, but sweet because it we could bring FIND to Europe. But then we realized that when a door closes, another one opens… and boy it did open big time.

Film Is Not Dead. In a BOX.

It was a huge relief when Jon told us what he had in mind for FIND, as a husband and a father of 6 kids we completely understood when he told us family comes first but he also told us “I’m gonna make the FIND experience available to everybody with a computer”, and he did just that with the FIND in a BOX.


All the knowledge gathered, polished and perfected during the last 8 years, improved with shared experiences and feedback from many of the attendees makes FIND in a BOX the complete guide; a bible, of sort, for the modern film photographer, professional and hobbyist alike.

For Jon and for Carmencita, film is, and always has been, a tool to help photographers find their own voice. Less is more, and when it comes to photography, anything that makes you focus on the subject and having only a viewfinder to see how your image looks makes you think twice and harder about where are your pointing your camera. You slow down a bit and are more aware of the whole experience.

We believe that the value of a photographer exists behind a camera and not behind a computer =)

You can watch one of the videos completely for free and judge for yourself!

Cheat Sheets Samples

Cheat Sheet Leica vs Bessa and Portra160


The Community

Without a doubt, one of the best things that comes with FIND in a BOX is the online community. Every photographer that owns a FIND in a BOX guide has guaranteed access to the FIND in a BOX private Facebook group. This group is dedicated to keep process of learning alive once you’ve read it all, the idea is to challenge photographers out of their comfort zones and share the experiences so everyone can learn from them.

This is a very diverse and active community of photographers just like you and us, who are passionate about film paired with a constant desire to learn. There are weekly challenges proposed by Jon and also reviews of your work, pricing, blogging, you name it! There is already more than 300+ photographers participating monthly and it keeps growing, it honestly is a well of knowledge and experience where everybody can come to drink and benefit.

Also, for those curious about different combos of cameras & film, there are hundreds of examples and comments of photographers trying different gear with different lighting situations and film. The group is very focused on developing yourself as a photographer and shooting personal work but also a helpful place to ask when in doubt in a professional level.

How to get it

What you’ll get:

  • 15 explanatory videos
  • Metering, reflected and incident
  • Description of all film stocks available
  • Film Basics from 101 till complicated tips
  • Film Camera reviews and side by side comparisons
  • Access to the FIND in a Box Facebook Group
  • Posing & Storytelling
  • Useful cheat sheets
  • Troubleshooting

Using the code CARMENCITA to will get a discount of -700$ from the original price, that’s like having 40 rolls free of cost and with the developing & scanning already paid! This offer is only for a limited time so don’t miss out!  =)

If you have any questions drop us a line at!

The man behind it

For those who don’t know the man behind it all this hoopla; his name is Jonathan Canlas, a film photographer since day one, fifteen years ago until today. I feel I can easily say that he is probably one of the photographers that did more for film to come to life nowadays, not only with the Film Is Not Dead workshops but also spreading his knowledge online, making more and more people fall in love with photography while loading the backs of their cameras with silver-coated gelatin. From answering questions, to providing free PDF’s to start out, talk about gear, doing film test, etc…

To have a picture of his trajectory, he’s been the only photographer to be sponsored by both Fujifilm and Kodak, why the switch you may ask? Several reasons but the fact the Fuji keeps pulling out from the film scene is one of it, the discontinuation of 400H in 220 was the tipping point for Jon.

That among a deep knowledge of the network of the film scene in the USA, a never ending journey for learning and pushing the film limits combined with his not especially quiet personality, made him one of the most influential commercial film photographers around the world.

So when it comes to learning, you should choose good teachers and we can say with confidence that if there is something Jon knows, it’s film (oh he is pretty good with food too btw).

A magnific tool

  – “Hard work, sacrifice & discipline”

“Is the FIND in a BOX for me?” Well, definitely it is an investment but worth every penny. The amount of knowledge gathered inside it’s worth several workshops, countless ours and years of experience that would require you spending money on gear, messing film rolls, workshops, frustrating Saturdays and more… Yes all of that is part of every photographer but think if you could skip all those painful steps and focus more and developing your own photographical voice, investing more time in creating images that are meaningful to you and other that love your work.

As a lab we believe feedback is one of the key jobs for anyone that is working on your film in order to help you progress and learn about your craft, and we are always open when it comes to provide tips and advice. But FIND in a BOX is like having all that knowledge in your hands, ready when you need it 24/7 plus the a handful of photographers with a supporting attitude online building a magnific community.

Our sincere advise is that if you can afford it, take advantage while it lasts. You’ll find everything you need when it comes to shooting film and also develop your photography a step further. If you are starting, the basic and technical knowledge is priceless; if you’ve been shooting already for a while, the FIND community will help you push forward your photography and vision.

We’ve already got ours and it was wonderful to see and discover stuff that we didn’t know or ignored about certain film, cameras or even blogging and social media. We are all photographers at the lab and we can ensure your that every single one of us learned far more than a couple things from it and this only makes us be better professionals and better at understanding film and helping you create the images you dream.

Still got questions? Email us!


Noritsu HS 1800 Carmencita Film Lab 3

New Film Scan Options: Noritsu HS-1800

We are always looking at how we can improve the work we deliver and the services we offer, the Noritsu was clearly the next step to take as a professional lab and that’s the reason we are writing this article today. It was a bit of an unknown process due it’s a different approach to scanning from the one we are used to; but considering that moving forward is something written in our DNA, the decision was made!

We’ve waited until we’ve tamed it and now the time has come for you try it for yourself =)

The Features

We believe it’s not fair to say that the Noritsu it’s just a better or worst scanner, might be a slight different flavor than the one you are used to, but we believe beauty relies on the difference and uniqueness of each look. Now, we have a tool that allow us to do things that were just not possible before and we believe you’ll probably like them as much as we do!

The first thing the Noritsu is probably most known for is its size, due its scanning nature the scanner allows us to output files up to 5000px wide and 6500px(645)/7500px(35mm) long. Yes, that’s a BIG print!

For the geeky photographers out there like us, the Noritsu HS-1800 is able to output 16 bit files which means a wider color range between transitions and gradients.

And last but not least, if you are mad about shadow detail and smoothness this is definitely the scanner for you =)

Side by Side

We have carefully selected some images that we believe can best represent the characteristics of both scanners in different light situations. There are dozens of comparisons out there so we didn’t want to simply do a side by side comparisons on a couple images, that’s why we will explain a bit about what we appreciate on every frame and with that, you can draw your conclusions.

Please be aware these images are edited to match each other, as usually the tones will drift a little on each scanner and contrast on highlights and shadows usually differ a little. Make sure to read all our thoughts on it till the end of the article to get a better idea of what we feel about them =)

Highlights and Shadows

– Imagine that if you could raise the “Clarity” around +15 on a Noritsu scan, you would probably end up with something similar to the Frontier’s shadow contrast, it might appear “sharper” but don’t fool yourself, it has more contrast and because of that it seems like it has more definition, but if you would zoom at a 100% you would see more texture on the Noritsu. What we end up is with a softer image on the Noritsu, less “punchy” for instance, but on the highlight areas the Frontier tries harder to keep detail and so it flattens the image a bit, which helps to keep all the detail.

The palette goes a bit reddish on the Noritsu side but in this case it’s not a huge jump from one and other.

Shadow Color

– Remember the reddish tone we mentioned above? Well here you can also appreciate it a bit, the color drifts a bit less in the Noritsu and it’s a bit more consistent on the overall image, also the contrast is a bit more “open”. Again we also appreciate a softer image on the Noritsu but it’s surprising to see how it keeps the color of the skirt and the left leg beneath it.

The punch is on the Frontier, there´s no question about it. Stronger contrast and colors that pop a bit more, mainly the blues, but if you are looking for a more realistic image then the Noritsu will probably be your new best friend.

Overall Sharpness

 A classic example on how the tones are split and the sharpness (or feeling of an unsharp mask) can be noticed on the Frontier. Even though it doesn’t feel imposed, the contrast on the edges is higher on the Frontier.

If you are looking for a wider scan that you can play more with perhaps you will feel more driven to the Noritsu, you could get really close to the results on the Frontier from the Noritsu but not viceversa. Again, it’s all about the pop here. Pay attention to the greys on the floor, you can quickly notice how the color tones differ more there from one scanner to the other, on the Noritsu it feels more monochromatic than the Frontier, where shadows often go to different colors rather than grey.

Skin Color 

– Both scanners can perform really similar even though the differences we mentioned earlier. Taking it from previous images, you can notice oranges go a bit more on reddish on the Noritsu, and perhaps even a bit magenta sometimes, in here there is slight difference on the brighter part of the image, the Frontier appear to have higher highlights and that translates into a bit more contrast.

In this case, with the side by side comparison we can barely see any differences, we really have to put an effort on it and it’s really not the point of the image, but this is just a case of course and remember we did some adjustments to try to output as similiar as possible  images on both scanners.

The Overall Feeling

– This image sums up a bit of everything we’ve been talking before, the funny thing is, upsidedown. We’ve been mentioning on every image that Noritsu pretty much produces a softer image, but in this image we feel it’s not completely true, when it comes to shadows here the Noritsu has a richer contrast on the lower end of the greyscale. Pay attention to the backlights of the motorcycle at the center of the image for instance

In images with such a huge difference between highlights and shadows and where most of the content is on the grey areas the Noritsu outputs a bit better contrast between elements and also colors than in the Frontier; nevertheless you can see a more monochrome tone on the shadows, even a bit greenish (can be corrected by split toning though) when in the Frontier we can see some shades of magenta. And yes, we are being really nerdy/geeky/freaky here =) Also, can you spot the difference on the skin tone? Yup, a bit more on the reddish side on our new friend from Japan.

Seeing the forest for the trees

Moral of the story? Well, we feel like it’s the overall feeling that matters the most, you can be get really really geeky if you like, but you might end up not seeing the forest for the trees. Take a step back and try to decide by gut feeling which ones you feel more drawn too. In our humble opinion if you are you like to have room for edition or you really are involved in a project where your voice is crucial and you need to give the final paint brushes yourself the Noritsu would be the way to go.

On the other side, if you feel your look it has to be more finished, contrast is over detail in your images and you love how tones differ a bit on shadows, highlights and from image to image the Frontier is your battle horse.

And wait, we are not done just yet…

How it looks on the Noritsu

After many testing we came to the conclusion that side by side comparisons are not always the most accurate method to decide, the reason is, both scanners can perform really different or really similar depending on the frame. That’s why we want to show you a handful of images that we believe represent the best the output of the scanner, so you can get an overall feeling and choose between them.

As you might see, the Noritsu sometimes have a “cleaner” look, more consistent, with less contrast and more texture on the grain. One of the difference we see is that on the Nortistu you can sometimes see a bit more vivid greens than in the Frontier.

It works specially well on landscape and architecture, when the images have a high dynamic range the Noritsu allows us to output a neutral image that keeps plenty of detail in all the areas; this perhaps it’s a look that it’s often seen in artistic projects or essay photography. If you admire the work of photographers like Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld or Alec Soth and so on you might feel more driven to this scanner.

Nevertheless the Nortisu performs great on wedding work and portraiture. We’ve been working closely with Jan Scholz (aka Micmojo) to explore the posibilites of the scanner and after a few samples he made the switch without doubts. Rather than saying better or worst, we prefer to see it as different choices to get one look or another. Check out the gallery and judge for yourself!



How it looks on the Frontier

What else do we need to say to say about the Frontier? If you’ve seen work scanned by us in the last 3 years it’s been done over the Frontier. It performs great on skin tones, and it keeps highlight detail over everything else and it has this classic look; vivid tones and punchy contrast.

As much as we love it we know there is other possible looks that can be given to the negatives; the frontier does often colder greens but it has a very strong contrast that comes with the way it interprets the image, sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes it’s funky. If you are all about consistency this is not your cup of tea, because it scans one image at a time and it shifts a bit the color and contrast on every frame. We work hard to correct it every time on the overall order but sometimes there is only so much we can do.




When it comes to large prints the decision is clear, for several reasons. The Noritsu outputs scans with more texture and you can actually see more grain structure in them, when that translates to paper it enhances the sharpness and the grain you see on the screen is gonna blend in with the paper texture and you won’t be able to see it at all. Sharp and crisp images even in large prints are now possible at affordable scan price!

The Frontier can perform good in prints up to 50x70cm in our experience but larger than that it starts to soften up, mainly due it’s resolution limitation and you have to think the Noritsu was engineered to work along a minilab with paper width up to ~30cm.

So if you need to enlarge some work and print it big check out the XXL scans!


Our opinion? There is not a better scanner per se, as a lab we see it as 2 different tools to get closer to a specific look. In the same way you choose Kodak or Fuji, Contax or Pentax you can know choose Frontier or Noritsu. That being said we encourage you to try it and judge it for yourself, because that is the best way to find out what is the best method to get the look you seek for.

The Frontier is sure shot, we know all it’s tips & tricks by now and if you love the look that you’ve seen from us during this last 3 years, that’s probably the scanner to go. But as much as we loved and love the Frontier, which was the reason this whole adventure started in Valencia, we are terribly curious to see how far we can push the Noritsu and it’s capabilities! We like what we’ve seen from it so far and we know by heart that this is only the beginning, as longer we keep working on it the better we’ll get and best results will outcome. We are using all our color knowledge and experience on it, and at the same time we feel like we are learning many new things every week. The best of it? This can only translate into better scans for everyone!

As you may see, now on the Order Form you can choose which scanner you prefer to use, but this can be a bit hard to decide that’s why, we added a 3rd option: Best according to your preferences, what does this mean? Well, through our experience we will choose the best scanner suited to match your preferences written on the Order Form or the reference images that you sent at We believe this is the best option if you trust in our judgement =)

For us it’s the overall feeling that sets the difference, as a part of an analog process (perhaps this being the less “analog” part) every step in the chain matters and it’s hard to speak undeniable truths. We hope this little article helped you get a better picture of the capabilities and options on both scanners. Technically there is the resolution threshold between one and other but, as we say in Spain, there are as many preferences as different colors exist, the key really is to find yours.

Got questions? We love to hear them!
Email us or leave a comment below


Mailbox Carmencita Moscow

Carmencita Mailbox In Moscow

It’s a been a very long time since we “looked East”. For us it means the world that photographers from such far away places as Russia trust us with their images. That’s why we did the best we can to make the shipping process as painless as possible =) Wanna know how it works? It’s really simple!




How it works

We created a mailbox inside the city center (first circle!) where your film will travel directly to from Moscow to Valencia. We wish there could be secret tunnel that would connect the lab with Moscow but there is not (yet). So your film will travel on a weekly shipment with TNT that we will arrange.

Preparing Your Film!

It is VERY IMPORTANT that your film is properly ready for shipping, to do so you will need to put your film in a plastic ziplock bag and it needs to have the Order Form inside with your full details. Otherwise we cannot know who the film belongs to and we can’t start processing your order, it’s simple but it’s crucial to do it =)

By Hand or By Mail

You can either deliver the film by hand (Close to the metro station Sukharevskaya) 
or you can ship it from anywhere in Russia to our Mailbox!

Where it is?

Opening Hours:  9:00 – 20:00 
Person Charge: Viktor Moskalyev 
Phone: +7 926 194 42 84
Address: Ananyevskiy per. 4/2с2, 107045 Moskva, Russia




Free Shipping!

We will gather all the film inside our handmade wooden mailbox during the week and every Tuesday it will be picked up by TNT. Why Tuesday? Well, if all goes good with our friends from Russian customs we should receive the film on Friday on the same week!

This service is completely free of cost for you, the photographer. You only have to make sure to get your film to the mailbox and once there we take care of all the rest =)


Our Partners in Moscow

The place is a co-working space of the most prominent wedding event in Russia – WFEST (the festival of stylish weddings) who was founded by four talented ladies and who run their business from this place. They are:



We will be more than happy to answer any question you might have at:

We are really looking forward to see what comes out from Russia this summer, the film scene is rising quickly and we are constantly surprised but the quality of the works that we see from the Eastern Countries!

до скорого!

by Pablo Laguia

[Workshop en VALENCIA] Claves para disparar en Analógico!

¡Bienvenidos al primer taller de fotografía analógica de Carmencita en Valencia!

Queremos compartir todo lo que hemos aprendido estos años con los fotógrafos de nuestra ciudad y alrededores; es increíble la cantidad de buena fotografía que se está haciendo en España en estos momentos y nos gustaría añadir nuestro granito de arena para que parte de ella sea disparada en película.

Por ese mismo motivo hemos decidido poner todo este conocimiento sobre papel y en forma de taller intensivo de un día, para poder transmitir todas las bases sobre la fotografía analógica hoy en día ¿Por qué tiene sentido seguir poniendo carretes en nuestras cámaras? Y, ¿qué es lo que hace que desde 2007 las ventas de carretes suban cada año? Queremos ser un libro abierto, explicando al detalle qué hacer, qué no hacer, cómo exponer, las opciones de película que existen y las características de cada una de ellas.

Desde el laboratorio vemos un potencial enorme y queremos enseñaros todas las herramientas de las que disponemos para poner a España en el mapa de la fotografía analógica como referente. Tenemos luz, tenemos mar, tenemos montaña y un lab que trabaja para fotógrafos de todo el mundo. ¡Ya no hay excusa que valga!



Queremos enseñaros todo lo que hemos aprendido y que te atrevas a disparar en analógico (y no morir en el intento). Usando el laboratorio como campo base, aprovecharemos para enseñaros las entrañas del laboratorio y lo que les sucede exactamente a tus carretes desde que entran por nuestra puerta hasta que llegan a vuestro buzón.

Y como sabemos que del dicho al hecho hay un trecho, tendremos una parte teórica y una parte práctica. Al final de la jornada volveremos al laboratorio y podremos ver el resultado de lo disparado por la tarde.

Aquí tenéis el programa con más detalle:

  • Película y cámaras
    • Formatos
    • Tipos de cámaras
    • Tipos de carretes
    • Latitud de la película en la vida real
    • El forzado de película
  • Exposición
    • Cómo exponer para película en color
    • Cómo exponer para película en B&W
    • El porqué de sobreexponer
  • Trabajar con un laboratorio
    • Qué pedirle a un laboratorio
    • Comunicación
    • Hasta dónde es importante un buen revelado
    • Diferencias entre escáners



Fecha: 27 de Febrero de 2016

Horario: 10 – 13:45 y 15- 20

Precio: 50€ (IVA incl.)

Reserva: Aquí

Lugar: Carmencita Film Lab

*Con el precio de la asistencia va incluido un revelado y escaneado L gratis

Una vez hecha la reserva os os enviaremos toda la información respecto horarios concretos, material que llevar, etc…


A través del siguiente enlace accederás a nuestro apartado de tienda donde puedes ¡comprar tu plaza! Hay plazas limitadas así que no lo dudes demasiado 😉

Si por algún motivo extraordinario no puedes venir, no te preocupes, tenemos intenciones de recorrernos España de Norte a Sur antes del verano, así que ¡es muy posible que tengas nuevas oportunidades para asistir!

¿Tienes alguna duda? Estaremos encantados de responderte en:


Bohemia Gathering II: Valencia

Today we’re thrilled to feature an amazing project that we feel honored to be a part of.

Isabelle Hesselberg and Siegrid Cain are two of Europe’s leading wedding photographers. They both shoot film and each have very defined photographic styles in their own ways. They’ve been our clients for a while, we’ve met them a number of times in different photographic events (Norway, Madrid and Valencia) and we love them both to pieces.




Last year they came up with a wonderful idea to put together a bunch of women photographers in a beautiful house, learning from each other and sharing their experiences in which proved to be way more than just your usual film photography workshop.

So they did it, and Bohemia Gathering Vol I in Vichy (France) last April was a huge success.




Fast forward 8 months (and tons of emails) and BOOM!: Bohemia Gathering Vol II will be happening in November in OUR OWN CITY, Valencia! Yeah, this is really happening. Isabelle and Siegrid suggested the idea since Valencia is beautiful, its climate is amazing, it’s right next to the sea and of course it’s where we’re located, so we thought for most attendees it would be amazing to have guided tour of our lab and show them what happens to their film here.

For this Bohemia the house they chose is literally next to our city but in the middle of the “chufa fields” AND walking distance from the Patacona beach.




So ladies, there’s still a couple spots left, so if you’re free November 4th-8th :

Book your seat NOW at

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If you need more info to make up your mind go check out their website , in the mean time enjoy the beautiful images Isabelle and Siegrid created during Bohemia Gathering Vol I

Bohemia1Bohemia-2Bohemia-3Bohemia-6Bohemia-8Bohemia-4Bohemia-5Bohemia Collective Gathering Vol 1. Vichy, France April 9-12th 2015. Isabelle Hesselberg / 2 Brides PhotographyBohemia9Bohemia10Bohemia Collective Gathering Vol 1. Vichy, France April 9-12th 2015. Isabelle Hesselberg / 2 Brides Photography

Carmencita Tote Bag Promo

Hi there everyone!
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It’s a “funny” Friday for us at the lab since yesterday it was a National Holiday here and specifically in Valencia we pretty much burned down the whole city ( like literally … watch this or google “fallas” and you’ll freak out).
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Today we’re launching a promo that we hope you love:
We’re giving away amazing Carmencita tote bags to any shop orders of 10 or more rolls of film.
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[bra_divider height=’15’]
[bra_divider height=’15’]
[bra_divider height=’15’]
This is a beautiful 41cm long x 38cm wide cotton tote bag that is basically the coolest thing around town and of course it’s way more eco-friendly than using a thousand plastic bags every time you need to grab something at the grocery store.
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The promo starts today and is good until we run out of them so go for it!
Besides, who doesn’t need 10 more rolls of film at reduced costs?
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[bra_divider height=’15’]
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[bra_divider height=’15’]
Go ahead an grab some Portra, Fuji 400H, Acros or even FP4 at
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[bra_divider height=’15’]
PS: mad props to client/friend Marcos Pérez for being our model for a while!
For the geeks out there the shots are taken on Fuji 400H overexposed 2 stops using a Contax 645 by our very own Buenaventura Marco
PS2: no, we don’t sell the tote bags, you GOTTA BUY SOME FREAKIN’ FILM in order to apply 😛

Jonathan Canlas BodaF15 Madrid



¿Cómo disparar película puede cambiar tu vida y tu forma de afrontar la fotografía? Jonathan lo va  a contar en su workshop en BodaF15 y sin rodeos.

La próxima edición de BodaF va a ser un pelotazo analógico. Junto a ponentes de la talla del gran Jan Scholz “Micmojo” y nuestro miembro fundador Miguel Varona estamos orgullosos de traer por primera vez a España a Jonathan Canlas, referente mundial en fotografía de boda y gurú del film.

Más de 15 años disparando bodas por medio mundo y el reconocimiento de toda la industria le avalan. El énfasis en el retrato y una composición técnicamente perfecta hacen su estilo instantáneamente reconocible. Lo que muchos de sus clientes no saben es que detrás de esos tonos vibrantes y realistas está el hecho de que son disparadas en película

Jonathan dispara exclusivamente en película desde sus inicios en la universidad y decidió no pasarse al digital después de probarlo todo y seguir prefiriendo tanto el producto final en analógico como el proceso que ello conlleva.

¿Por qué disparar película en el siglo XXI? Jonathan lo va a explicar todo, y creednos, el tipo es un libro abierto. “Film is awesome and I’m gonna show you why” nos dijo cuando le pedimos que nos resumiera lo que quería transmitir a los asistentes de Madrid.

Aparte de su innegable talento fotográfico el fuerte de Jonathan es su carácter extrovertido y su don para la educación. De hecho su hiperactividad y pasión por lo que hace le han llevado a crear workshops itinerantes sobre cómo disparar en película ( FilmIsNotDead ) y ha escrito un exitoso libro al respecto.

En BodaF 2015 su ponencia tratará sobre su flujo de trabajo y porqué considera clave para su estilo el uso de película.También cómo disparar y trabajar junto a un buen laboratorio te puede liberar de incontables horas detrás del ordenador y disfrutar más disparando.

En su workshop le asistirá asistido uno de nuestros fundadores, Albert Roig. Se cubrirán tanto los conceptos fundamentales de exposición, tipo de película, diferencias entre medio formato y 35mm, así cómo diferentes situaciones de luz y sacar el máximo partido de la increíble latitud de la película. Sí estas acostumbrado a disparar en digital, prepara tu bloc de notas 🙂

Aprovechad la ocasión ya que sus talleres FIND ya sólo se ofrecen en Hawaii y es una oportunidad única para aprender de primera mano de uno de los mejores.

Reservad mientras queden plazas aquí!

Nos vemos en Madrid.

Un abrazo

Equipo Carmencita

2 3 4 61 20 25

Online Film Shop UPDATE

Hey guys and gals!

We thought of doing a little update to our newest addition, the online film shop.

As you probably already know we’re all about listening to what customers have to say so we got a couple of client suggestions and here’s how we’re gonna roll from now on:

So you’re a professional photographer working in the European Union and have a VAT number?
Cool, so no need to pay Spanish taxes on any of your film orders!
Of course if you live/work outside the EU tax exclusion also applies to you.

Shipping-wise we offer two options:

– Weight-based ordinary shipping. Which has no tracking number but can save you a little money if you can wait for the film to arrive.
– Express Shipping. A little more costly but will get you fresh film in your hands in 2-5 days (depending on the country).
– Free shipping for any orders 225€ or above!

Of course one of the main advantages of our service is that if you marked the “Send My Negatives Back” box on the OrderForm you pay can save the shipping for either the negatives or the film you bought, ’cause we’ll send them together!

Also, to make things easier we offer PayPal/Credit Card payment as always and also bank transfer in case you prefer it.

So yeah, no excuse to not shoot fresh film or that favorite film stock of yours that your local shop just doesn’t carry!

As we’ve said before we tried to make the prices as cheap as humanly possible. We’re definitely not in it for the profit, we just really want everyone who wants to shot film to have the easiest access possible to it.

Hope this clarifies things for all of you and if you still have any doubts don’t hesitate to drop us a line at


Captura de pantalla 2014-09-25 a la(s) 10.29.01

¡Hola gente!

Hemos pensado en hacerle una pequeña actualización a nuestra última creación, la tienda online de película.

Como posiblemente ya sepáis lo damos todo por los clientes y en el caso de la tienda recién lanzada recibimos algunas sugerencias vuestras y este es el resultado:

Con respecto a los envíos ahora ofrecemos dos opciones:

– Correo ordinario basado en el peso. No tendrás número de seguimiento pero puedes ahorrar un poco de dinero si no te importa esperar un poco más.
– Envío Express. Un poco más caro pero lo recibirás en máximo 48h y con número de seguimiento.
– Envío gratis para pedidos de 225€ o más.

Por supuesto una de las ventajas añadidas de nuestro servicio de tienda es que si marcaste la casilla “Mandadme Mis Negativos de Vuelta” en el OrdenDePedido sólo pagaras un envío y recibirás tanto tus negativos como tu película fresca.

Para poneos las cosas más fáciles aparte de con le habitual PayPal/Tarjeta de Crédito ahora también podéis pagar vuestras compras en la tienda por transferencia bancaria.

Así ya no hay excusas para no disparar película fresca o “esa película que nunca trae la tienda de mi barrio”!

Como ya hemos dicho en otras ocasiones hemos ajustado los precios todo lo humanamente posible. Definitivamente no hemos puesto la tienda en marcha para sacar un beneficio, sino para que todo aquel que quiera disparar con película de calidad lo pueda hacer.

Esperamos que haya quedado todo lo más claro posible, pero si tenéis alguna duda estaremos encantados de contestarla si nos escribís a


New Order Form With Scanning Preferences

Alright, you asked for it, we listened carefully and here you’ve got it!

For all those customers who have a specific look in mind for their scans we created a new Order Form where you can select color, brightness and contrast preferences.


Photography (and particularly color) can be really subjective. We always scan neutral unless you guys give us other specific indications on the COMMENTS area on the Order Form.


This has worked totally fine to this day and we’ve always been super open about you asking for “customized” scans and never charging extra for them. But still, we wanted to take an extra step by making the process as easy as possible. That way even if you don’t have enough time to write a full comment on how you want your scans or you get wrapped up in the inevitable difficulty of verbalizing visual stuff you can still take 10 seconds to tick boxes for COLOR , BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST.


Needless to say these are your preferences, but the film stock used, the way it was been exposed and the quality of the light will condition immensely how closely we can match your expectations. E.g. Let’s just say we won’t be able to turn a Fuji Superia 200 shot on a cloudy day with evaluative metering (and thus underexposed 1-2 stops) into a grainless, airy, pastel, low contrasty warm-toned piece of photographic candy.


SO, that being said. From now on you’ll be able to choose your preferences for:


COLOR We all have different color tastes; help us understand yours in order to get you your dream tones!

CONTRAST Contrast is key to the final look of your images. Ask for as much (or as few) as you want!

BRIGHTNESS Do you like dark moody stuff or super airy pastel work? Let us know!

THAT’S IT! AS EASY AS THAT! We’ll take it from there and follow your guidelines as closely as humanly possible throughout the scanning and editing process.

Next thing you know: BAAAM! Scans in your inbox just the way you wanted them.


Hope you enjoy the new Order Form and now get out there and shoot some film!



Carmencita Crew Member Feature: Laura Leal

So again it’s time for us to show you guys one of our crew members’ work.
As you may know at the lab we’re all photographers. We’re all obsessed with perfect film tones and are big camera nerds. So we knbow where you’re coming from!

Laura Leal has been one of the latest additions to the lab’s crew. She started her “relationship” with Carmencita as a customer. She, like so many of us, had spent years scanning her own stuff on flatbed home scanners and felt really relieved to finally get great looking scans straight into her inbox. Of course as the lab grew bigger and bigger (and she being friends with a few of us for a while) we felt hiring her was the perfect choice!

Her work is primarily shot on Contax 645 and she switches from Portra to Fuji 400H whenever she feels tone-wise she needs one or the other.
Today we show you the stuff she’s better known for, that is great fashion editorials, soulfull female portraits and model test shots.

So yeah, next time you receive your scans and a loving feedback text you can be like “oh my f*cking God, this Laura is that 24 year-old girl they featured a while ago who shot those amazing photos of girls!” 😛

Hope you love them as much as we do!

Aina II AinaLres
000021LauraLeal 000068LauraLeal 000070LauraLeal

NEW: Slide Film (E6) Processing and Scanning Services

So we gave a few hints on Twitter and privately to some customers by email, but we’re happy to announce that we finally offer SLIDE FILM ( E6 ) processing and scanning. You guys can finally shoot your Velvia 50, Provia 400X and Astia or even that Agfa CT Precisa you were saving ‘cause you didn’t feel like cross-processing it. We’re charging the same as we do for Black & White processing and as with BW you just need to add 2 business days to the regular C41 delivery time. We had the privilege of having client/friend Jan Scholz “micmojo” beta-test this process for us. He was super excited to finally be able to shoot those wonderful slide stocks and took some Fuji Velvia 50 with him in his recent vacations in Florida.

We loved the results and felt like it could be a great way to introduce this new “product” to Carmencita customers. Being so used to C41 film it’s refreshing to see a positive, with it’s “correct” white balance and contrast/saturation rendition depending on the film stock. Guys, be prepared to spot meter like freaking masters! As you probably already know slide film is NOT as forgiving as color (C41 ) film (hello Portra 400 5 overexposure – 2 underexposure? ). It’s latitude is quite reduced, like 1 over – 1 under, almost remix¡nascent of some digital cameras. Be prepared to use the “Sunny-16 Rule”, spot meter and having to choose between blown skies or correctly lit subjects. But hey, they don’t call it hard work for nothin’! 😛 WELCOME OUR SLIDE FILM PROCESSING AND SCANNING SERVICES! janScholzE6-2 janScholzE6-3 janScholzE6-4 janScholzE6-5 janScholzE6-6 janScholzE6-7

Revela-T 2014 Festival

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-16 a la(s) 22.27.09

We’re super excited to announce that Carmencita Film Lab will be participating in this year’s Revela-T Festival! We’re sending two of our crew members to Vilassar de Dalt (a little village next to Barcelona) for 3 days to set up a booth along with all the other participants and spread the love for film in this ALL ANALOG FESTIVAL.

So what is Revela-T Festival all about?
Basically it’s a celebration of each and every analog technique ever used in photography! Literally everything from our Wet and Dry Plate Collodion, Large Format photography, Pinhole stuff, you name it! During the last week of May Vilassar de Dalt will be invaded by tons of workshops, photography exhibitions, speeches and much more stuff. Carmencita will be there May 30th ’till June 1st and we have some pretty awesome stuff to show you guys. The BIG day is on the 31st but the official opening will be the afternoon of the 30th.

Last year was the festival’s first edition and the response was pretty wild. An estimate of 4000 visitors shattered all expectations and this year looks like things are gonna get even wilder. This guys know what they’re doing. Their website ( ) is full of details about the program, the village itself, where to stay during that week, etc. Go check it out!

And needless to say if you’re interested in analog photography which you can touch and feel first hand AND wanna meet two of our crew members go ahead and sign up for a couple of workshop and book a flight to come over. It’s gonna be fun!!! See you there!!!

PS: how could you not wanna meet these guys? 😉