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The time has come. Like every year, picnic days must sadly come to an end. September’s over, and although many of us find it difficult to put away our beach towels, we must admit we’re kind of excited!

If you’ve kept up with us for a while, you’ll already know Autumn is one of our favorite seasons. This is mainly because we witness the variety of atmospheres photographers can capture during those days of fading light.

From the Mediterranean coast to snowy peaks straight out of Switzerland, this month was full of unexpected moments that surprised us and made an impact! You’ve amazed us with some crazy out-of-context vibes, powerful portraits, and striking black and white images that blew our minds.

September is always a time of transition in so many ways, and that’s definitely reflected in your work. We hope you enjoy the mix of energies it has brought us as much as we have, and join us to see what this new season brings!