Best of


This September’s been very vivid and busy but we felt helpful an loved, receiving tones of work and sweets from all over the world and collaborating at your gorgeous and bold projects. As for joyful Pim Yanaprasart, she’s even found time to stop by and share her good vives with all of us in the Lab. We love receiving your visits! <3

Now autumn is here with it’s magic golden light and we want to go out and enjoy what we like the most, being in the “wild” with other film adventurers and explorers: at Film & Friends’ workshop on Ibiza, Expedición Polar in Almería and we will join Ostuni Workshop as well in the end of October. We hope to meet many of you in person during these outstanding events!

Ah! And keep in mind that the next week there’ve two bank holidays in Valencia, on October 9th and 12th 😉

And now hope you enjoy the selection!