Best of


June’s over and as you surely anticipated we’re in full throttle at the lab since high season really kicked in. Actually we had a tough time trying to cut down the number of images we selected for June’s Best Of selection since you guys seem to have been very inspired and the volume of amazing work we processed and scanned has been outstanding.

As you might already know we just published a blog post on all the possible film flaws that can occur and how to identify them and/or avoid them. Hope that helps out a little 😉

Also we’re gonna start doing some Instagram live Q & A with some of our coolest clients. Our Q & A with Audrey Paris Photo was our pioneer experience and it pretty much rocked. Hope some of you had a chance to watch it and learn a thing or two and stay tuned for upcoming live broadcasts on our Instagram account.

And now get a couple of minutes to dive into the bunch of client photos that inspired us the most during last June. Enjoy!