Best of


What a year it’s been… Even if the world has flipped upside down in many things, film photography is in a comeback like no one could have anticipated before. 

There has never been such massive growth across the film photography industry as this year. It is even paradoxical for us, where most of the work we used to see was travel & significant social events; the year that made us stay at home the longest we had been in the year where film finally rise from the ashes to become the creative option for photographers.

At the same time, a project that was born in the lowest days for film photography is a bitter-sweet feeling. On the one hand, we reached our goal; keeping film alive was our nº1 priority, helping photographers create on film, getting better scans, and understanding their negatives. But, on the other hand, film popularity has caused some drawbacks in-stock availability, price increase, and it’s getting more challenging as a lab to give a catered experience to an ever-increasing number of photographers.

That being said, we wanted to keep publishing the Best Of series since it’s a testimony of what film photography can look like, what has been done, and what can be done with film.

As long as we keep working, we will keep trying to showcase those frames that steal our hearts, motivate us and remind us that film is here to stay, a marvel of technology and research that perhaps help us remember what matters when we think about our lives and memories.