Best of


So other than insane amounts of work not many groundbreaking updates have ocured during August. We seem to be breaking the trend (for the second month in a row) of hiring one or more new employees every month hahaha.
But seriously though, we did upgrade our shipping services to what we think is a whole better (and slightly cheaper) partner, and that is TNT. If you ever wonder how to get your film rolls to us in the fastest/cheapest possible way look no further “Ship Your Film”

Of course, as you probably expected, we have a couple projects that’ll take the “Carmencita experience” to a whole new level, but we’ll probably let you know al about it pretty soon.

Now please enjoy this month’s selection of our favorite client images that came through the lab.
We loved working on them and selected them with much love and care so hope they inspire you all us much as they inspire us.