Best of


Hi there!
Yes, we know we’re kinda late but it’s finally here.

Tons of amazing work coming in lately, three more staff members added (say hello to Carmen, Alba and Paula) and we came up with a whole bunch of sutuff to make the film photography family grow even bigger.
To name a few of the ones we can disclose as of now:

– We’re officially offering Noritsu scans since last week. Wanna see some examples? Check out our thorough blog post here.
– We have a new mailbox drop-off facility in Moscow. Yay!
– We’re now offering Impossible Project instant film and custom PUSH +1, PUSH +2 custom stickers we came up with. Head over to our store ASAP!

And that’s enough for today, now enjoy last month’s selection of great client film photography and hope you have a great weekend!