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Our second book is about to see the light! What? You didn’t know we published BOOKS?

Carmencita Editions is a series of limited edition photography books featuring some very special guests. This four-person collaborative project aims to materialize analog photography poetry into physical books and prints. It explores the medium’s complexities and potential to connect people all over the world, both physically and digitally.

For us, it means we’re doing something special to keep film alive in new and creative ways, pushing the limits of what photography can do. But you already knew that because you follow us on Instagram and are subscribed to our Newsletter… Right?


The BIG news is that our second book is almost out of the oven! The featured artist is Brooklyn-based photographer Tonje Thilesen (born 1991 in Oslo, Norway). With over a decade of experience, the words ‘intimacy’ and ‘tenderness’ best describe their work.

‘Homesick’ contains many magical quotidian elements that we can’t wait to see come to life!

Save the dates! The launch parties will be held in our Valencia lab on September 14th. Barcelona, September 15th. From 8 to 10 pm. Thank you so much to Cerveza Turia for keeping us fresh in all of our events!

We’ll be throwing book launch parties for every title we publish. In fact, you may have already seen some behind-the-scenes footage, which, by the way, will never see the light of day… Just the light of our monthly newsletter 😉.

Life Still by Raúl Pérez, was the first Carmencita Editions publication, a sensitive and one-of-a-kind work that reflects everyday life through his poetic lens.

Each of this year’s three volumes in the series seeks to examine the relationships between people, the places where they live, and their interactions with their surroundings.


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All of our published books are available online as well as at our labs in Valencia, Barcelona and Lisboa. You can also find them at our drop points:

We can’t wait to share them with you!

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