Bohemia Gathering II: Valencia

Today we’re thrilled to feature an amazing project that we feel honored to be a part of.

Isabelle Hesselberg and Siegrid Cain are two of Europe’s leading wedding photographers. They both shoot film and each have very defined photographic styles in their own ways. They’ve been our clients for a while, we’ve met them a number of times in different photographic events (Norway, Madrid and Valencia) and we love them both to pieces.




Last year they came up with a wonderful idea to put together a bunch of women photographers in a beautiful house, learning from each other and sharing their experiences in which proved to be way more than just your usual film photography workshop.

So they did it, and Bohemia Gathering Vol I in Vichy (France) last April was a huge success.




Fast forward 8 months (and tons of emails) and BOOM!: Bohemia Gathering Vol II will be happening in November in OUR OWN CITY, Valencia! Yeah, this is really happening. Isabelle and Siegrid suggested the idea since Valencia is beautiful, its climate is amazing, it’s right next to the sea and of course it’s where we’re located, so we thought for most attendees it would be amazing to have guided tour of our lab and show them what happens to their film here.

For this Bohemia the house they chose is literally next to our city but in the middle of the “chufa fields” AND walking distance from the Patacona beach.




So ladies, there’s still a couple spots left, so if you’re free November 4th-8th :

Book your seat NOW at

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If you need more info to make up your mind go check out their website , in the mean time enjoy the beautiful images Isabelle and Siegrid created during Bohemia Gathering Vol I

Bohemia1Bohemia-2Bohemia-3Bohemia-6Bohemia-8Bohemia-4Bohemia-5Bohemia Collective Gathering Vol 1. Vichy, France April 9-12th 2015. Isabelle Hesselberg / 2 Brides PhotographyBohemia9Bohemia10Bohemia Collective Gathering Vol 1. Vichy, France April 9-12th 2015. Isabelle Hesselberg / 2 Brides Photography

Carmencita Meets Yaroslav & Zhenya

So, as some of you might know for our latest workshop experience we teamed up with the amazing Yaroslav & Jenny and traveled to Crimea to teach some film knowledge.

We flew our lab manager Albert there and from what he told us (and from the images we scanned) it seems it was a pretty amazing experience.
Yaroslav and Zhenya had everything really well planned out with tons of teaching material and meticulously designed styled shoots.

The beauty of the Crimean landscapes, the awesome locations and props were so cool that we just couldn’t not share the images they produced during the workshop.
We did a small selection of our favorite images and we hope you love them as much as we do.
Awesome stuff Yaroslav and Zhenya, congratulations!

PS: all medium format images were shot with a Contax 645 and all 35mm with a Contax NX with the Zeiss Planar 50 f1,4. The film stocks used were Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra 400