Miguel Jimenez – Morocco

Miguel Jimenez planned a little trip to Morocco and he let us know before he was just taking his Canon AE1and a Yashica Mat 124G with a bunch of film.
It’s really interesting how we get many orders that customers shoot while on really exotic vacations. Bali, Japan, Sri Lanka, Alaska … You name it! It’s as if people are like “yo, this is gonna be really special… I better capture this on film”.
This makes us happy and really optimistic about the future of film. As long as people keep choosing it for the moments that they REALLY wish to keep for posterity in a magical way we’ll be fine 😉

Hope you guys enjoy Marrakesh, its markets, its small streets, its people and the sahara desert!




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!!!!!! Marrakech-48






Revela-T 2014 Festival

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We’re super excited to announce that Carmencita Film Lab will be participating in this year’s Revela-T Festival! We’re sending two of our crew members to Vilassar de Dalt (a little village next to Barcelona) for 3 days to set up a booth along with all the other participants and spread the love for film in this ALL ANALOG FESTIVAL.

So what is Revela-T Festival all about?
Basically it’s a celebration of each and every analog technique ever used in photography! Literally everything from our Wet and Dry Plate Collodion, Large Format photography, Pinhole stuff, you name it! During the last week of May Vilassar de Dalt will be invaded by tons of workshops, photography exhibitions, speeches and much more stuff. Carmencita will be there May 30th ’till June 1st and we have some pretty awesome stuff to show you guys. The BIG day is on the 31st but the official opening will be the afternoon of the 30th.

Last year was the festival’s first edition and the response was pretty wild. An estimate of 4000 visitors shattered all expectations and this year looks like things are gonna get even wilder. This guys know what they’re doing. Their website ( http://revela-t.cat/en/ ) is full of details about the program, the village itself, where to stay during that week, etc. Go check it out!

And needless to say if you’re interested in analog photography which you can touch and feel first hand AND wanna meet two of our crew members go ahead and sign up for a couple of workshop and book a flight to come over. It’s gonna be fun!!! See you there!!!

PS: how could you not wanna meet these guys? 😉

Pia Clodi – Dreaming of a Summer Wedding

Now that the wedding season has only just started it felt like the right moment to feature an incredible work by client Pia Clodi we had the pleasure of developing and scanning a while ago. Of course we would have loved to show it to you guys before, but as it happens with many stuff that comes through the lab there are always deadlines and privacy policies and/or exclusive content that can’t be released until the client is cool with it. In this case this gorgeous stuff got published in the Hochzeitswahn book! (you can buy it here). We love how Pia captured the beauty of the Austrian summer landscapes combined with gorgeous traditional Tracht costumes and most importantly; real emotions from real people. It was really interesting finding out that one of the keys to this awesome staged shoot not looking artificial was the fact that the actual cast were all friends and family of Pia.

That makes so much sense and really gives that happy celebration vibe to it! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! PS: the whole shoot was done on Contax 645 and Fuji 400H 😉 PiaClodi1 Piaclodi3 Piaclodi4 Piaclodi5 piaclodi6 piaclodi7 PiaCLodi8 PiaClodi9 piaclodi10 PiaCLodi11 PiaCLodi12 piaclodi13 piaclodi14 piaclodi15 PiaCLodi16 PiaClodi17 PiaCLodi20 PiaClodi18 PiCLodi21

CREDITS: Blog & Shop: Hochzeitswahn Wedding Planner: Prime Moments Catering & Location: Landart Invitations & Stationery: Herz & Co Flowers: Kunstgärtnerei Doll Hair & Make-Up: Coiffeur Sturmayr Trachten Wedding Dress: Tostmann Trachten Videography: Visual Elegance – Hochzeitsvideos Videography: Santiago di Boceta