Hanke Arkenbout

Hanke Arkenbout is one of those clients that we’ve seen grow both technically and artistically with every order she sent us.
Always enthusiastic about her scans and eager to learn how to get the face… Enjoy!

Hanke Arkenbout es uno de esos clientes a los que hemos visto crecer tanto técnica como artísticamente en cada nuevo encargo que nos enviaba.
Siempre entusiasta sobre sus scans y ávida de conocimiento respecto de cómo obtener su look deseado de su película Hanke tiene un don especial para capturar sentimientos, en especial el amor y la gente que lo desprende.
Sus fotos son un placer de escanear y hemos preparado una selección de sus trabajos que más nos gustan esperando que esbocen una sonrisa en vuestas caras… ¡Disfrutad!














The Analog Docs WORKSHOP

You know we can’t stand still at Carmencita… We’re constantly coming up with new ideas, new projects … it’s a freaking whirlpool of ideas in here! As some of you might know this time we’ve been wanting to take part in more and more educational stuff ( Corera was fun btw!). SO… We’re really happy to announce that our Lab Manager Albert will be traveling to Vienna for The Analog Docs’ workshop. He’ll be offering the lab’s view of the whole process of shooting film. What it is we actually do with your film and how to get the best out of your film AND out of your lab (i.e: us!).

AnalogDOcs1 AnalogDocs4

The workshop will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna on May 1st and 2nd and there’s very limited space. The workshop will be taught in German and will cover anything yoou might think of. This guys have thought it out really well, and the go from “Why shoot film in the digital era” to “choosing film stocks”… “35mm VS medium format”…”your buddy the light meter”… “posing tips and tricks” and even a look at their actual cheap cialis online workflow, “from shooting to print”. There’s a 20% discount for people that register for the workshop before March 24th so if you speak German, love shooting film and wanna learn from the best go sign up! You can read all about the workshop and sign up for it here: http://workshop.analogdocs.com/workshopinfo/ See you in Vienna!


Albert and The Analog Docs. Photo by Jonathan Canlas

Carmencita Crew Member Feature : Buenaventura Marco

SO, we haven’t featured our own personnel’s work in quite some time, and we thought you guys might be curious about what kind of photographers are behind your scans 😉

We felt like killing two birds with one stone with this blog post, since besides the obvious interest in having a worker’s photography featured this particular set of photographs involved two not-so-common treats in the work we scan; artificial lighting and the fact of a high-end fashion production being shot on film.

The following photographs were shot by team member Buenaventura Marco for Spanish designer Juan Vidal‘s Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign. The whole set was custom made by the sponsor in a warehouse and the lighting was set up to fit the 3 different “environments” within the set. The artistic references for the shoot went somewhere along the lines of “a David Hamilton’s vibe but with a contemporary fashion look”. The lighting used had to be continuous because there was video being shot and flash wasn´t an option because it wasn’t the desired look. Also the HMI lighting equipment was daylight balanced (instead of the usual tungsten balance) for ease of scanning/ mental health of the guy scanning (i.e. Buenaventura himself!).

For all you camera geeks out there the whole session was shot on a Contax 645 with the 80mm lens using Kodak Portra 400. We thought it looked great when Buenaventura showed us the first scans and we’re happy to finally be able to show you guys! So yeah, now you know what this guy is doing whenever he isn’t working on YOUR scans or petting one of his three cats. ^_^


BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-7 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-8 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-3 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-4 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-1 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-2 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-24 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-5 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-12 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-18 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-20 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-16 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-9 BuenaventuraMarcoMarguerite-15



photography: Buenaventura Marco

fashion : Juan Vidal

model: Ekaterina Kutsareva @ Elite

hair and make up: Javier Cererino

videographer: Gema González

lighting: Mira En la Nevera

sponsor: Peronda Group for Peronda Fashion Lab

interior/set design: Francisco Segarra