Toni Raper – The Poetics of Ordinary Life

OK, this blog post is special, and not just because Toni Raper has been our first Australian customer (which blew our mind!). The beauty of what see does touched us deeply at the lab. The following photographs are part of her ongoing “journey” of personal work, an attempt at “finding the poetic in ordinary life”.

Toni Raper takes us through what a Christmas family gathering looks like in Australia and a weekend camping by the sea with her kids and her boyfriend to celebrate Australia Day. The beauty see finds in everyday moments of kids’ lives is breathtaking, and we can’t help but think how lucky these kids are, and how in 10 or 20 years time they will look at these photographs and be amazed. In fact this is not just a coincidence, since in Toni’s own words “It’s important to me to have people look back in years to come and feel a sense of who they were at a time and place in their lives. Film is my medium of choice because it allows the soul of the moment to dominate.”

So yeah, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… Just a HUGE thank you to Toni for sending out her precious film all the way from Australia to Spain and letting us be a part of her family’s memories. Enjoy.

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Love Is My Favorite Color : Bali

Rui Vaz Franco has been been sending film our way for a while now. Love Is My Favorite Color is his photographic duo with his wife Cristiana. They shoot gorgeous weddings and engagement sessions in their native Portugal, and always brighten our days while we scan all those wonderful sunny landscapes full of loving couples.

This time around Rui sent in some personal work. He had just spent some well-deserved vacation time in Bali with Cristiana , and shot a bunch of film. Rui has his metering skills together and shot mainly Fuji 400H on the Contax 645. He also shot more 400H and some Kodak Ektar on the 35mm Nikon F100, but he owns a great scanner for 35mm and was gonna do them himself. Upon receiving the medium format scans he was some happy with the results that he sent in the 35mm too.

Oh, and by the way, these were all shot during December… while most of our clients were moaning about rainy/snowy/dark northern winters 😛

Great work Rui! Hope you get to surf in Bali soon, in the mean time it’s good to have all these wonderful memories captured on film 🙂

Carmencita Bali01Carmencita Bali02Carmencita Bali12Carmencita Bali11Carmencita Bali10Carmencita Bali09Carmencita Bali08Carmencita Bali05 Carmencita Bali07

Carmencita Bali14 Carmencita Bali06Carmencita Bali04Carmencita Bali03

Branco Prata

We’ve been been working with Branco Prata almost since the beginning of the lab. If you don’t know them already they are the most in demand fine art wedding photographers in Portugal. It’s been a while now since we wanted to put toghether a feature for them, but the timing was never quite right, until today! The other day André posted this gorgeous Portuguese wedding on the Branco Prata Blog and we re-discovered it and totally agreed we had to show it to you guys. What can we say? Total command of hard light situations (yay for film’s huge latitude!) … gorgeous settings … tasteful framing and posing… André sure rocks the Contax 645 Fuji 400H combo! So yeah, really proud to count Branco Prata among our friend/clients. Thanks for trusting in Carmencita André! PS: happy Valentine´s Day to y’all! 😉

BrancoPrata2 BrancoPrata3 Brancoprata1 BrancoPrata4 BrancoPrata5 BrancoPrata8 BrancoPrata9 BrancoPrata41 BrancoPrata10 BrancoPrata40 BrancoPrata11 BrancoPrata50 BrancoPrata15-16 BrancoPrata51 BrancoPrata52 BrancoPrata21-22 BrancoPrata53 BrancoPrata23-25 BrancoPrata24 BrancoPrata26-27 BrancoPrata33 BrancoPrata34 BrancoPrata35 BrancoPrata36 BrancoPrata32 BrancoPrata31 BrancoPrata30