Best Of September

Hi there!
About to go on our “Portugal 2015 Tour”. Next week we’ll be joining Pia Clodi‘s “Photographic Mind Trip” in Algarve and the following week we’ll be in Porto with André Teixeira and Sofia Ferreria at BrancoPrata for our “Carmencita Meets in Porto by BrancoPrata”.
We’re super excited about meeting old and new friends and spreading some film love around Portugal so see you there!

In other news client work has been as astounding as ever this past September.
Hope you enjoy our monthly selection!
Daniell Bonhoff-7-27photo by Daniell Bohnhof
DungVo-17photo by Vovies
Alex_IcelandPortraits-675photo by Alexander Urban
Rafael Gonzalez-3photo by Rafael Gonzalez
Blanchard-37photo by Carlos Blanchard
GianeLima-3 (1)photo by Giane Lima
vallee de restonica_webphoto by Anton Stefan
Amanda_SusanFandy-49photo by Amanda Drost
Strahl-8(2)photo by Christian Strahl
Wesley_Amsterdam-140photo by Wesley Nulens
Ashton Jean Pierre-6photo by Ashton Jean-Pierre
FrancescPlanes-14photo by Francesc Planes
RaisaZwart-4photo by Raisa Zwart
RafaelGonzalezphoto by Raúl Gonzalez
Laguia-65-2photo by Pablo Laguia
Siegrid-2photo by Siegrid Cain
DaryaKamalova-5photo by Darya Kamalova
Micmojo-1photo by Jan Scholz “micmojo”
Lartisan-1photo by L’Artisan Photographe
GianlucaPavarini_Engagement_Street-45photo by Gianluca Pavarini
Branco Prata-6photo by BrancoPrata
Birgit-5 copiaphoto by Birgit Hart
OlgaPlakitina_Project1-10photo by Olga Plakitina
teva cosic-1photo by Teva Cosic
Zoubek-16photo by Christoph Zoubek
Daniela_BWSummerEktarCorsica-46photo by Daniela Denkova
Ferire-9photo by Michael Ferire
Warsaw-287photo by Ana Lui Photography
Jean-Laurent-7photo by Jean-Laurent Gaudy

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