This has been a hell of a month, we’ve been as busy as during a full summer month plus the participation in several events! We were honored to be at Ostuni Workshop among many photographers from different fields.

But that was only the start, we couldn’t believe how much it would mean to us to be surrounded by more than 70 analog photographers that are influencing the community in Europe nowadays. Traveling Light became real and is here to stay. We’ve got the chance to meet many of you in person and listen to these incredible photographers: BrancoPrata, Le Secret d’Audrey, Greg Finck, Michael Ferire, Jonathan Canlas, Jan Scholz, Hideaki Hamada, Pia Clodi, Nastia Vesna & Wesley Nulens.

But something beautiful that we realized was that it was as important to listen to them as to meet everyone under the same roof, connect and see familiar faces finally in real life.

Summer is over, but don’t think we’ll rest, cause we’ve been gathering plenty of ideas for this winter! Stay tunned!!

In the meanwhile we never rest on trying to output the best work possible on each scan and this is clearly reflected on this month’s Best Of 🙂

Pentax645n Fuji400h CarmencitaFilmLab ChymoMengPentax 645N + Fuji 400H
photo by Chymo Meng

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab KatrinKutterContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Katrin Kutter

Contax645 fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab NikolBodnarovaContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Nikol Bodnarova

Mamiya645Pro Fuji400H CarmencitafilmLab VincentTruongMamiya 645Pro + Fuji 400H
photo by Vincent Truong

PentaxSpotmatic KodakEktar100 CarmencitaFilmLab EduardToaderPentax Spotmatic + Kodak Ektar 100
photo by Eduard Toader

Contax645 KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab VladymyrBrynzarContax 645 + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Vladymyr Brynzar

ContaxT2 Kodak400TMax CarmencitaFilmLab LaiaLluchContax T2 + Kodak 400 TMax
photo by Laia Lluch

Mamiya645AFD Fuji400H CarmencitafilmLab LovelyMomentsMamiya 645 AFD + Fuji 400H
photo by Lovely Moments

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab DaryaKamalovaContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Darya Kamalova

Hasselblad500CM FujiNeopaAcross100 CarmencitaFilmLab SylvainJannnetonHasselblad 500 CM + Fuji Across 100
photo by Sylvain Jannneton

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab BrancoPrataContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Branco Prata

OlympusOM2 FujiSuperia400 CarmencitaFilmLab LauraMartinezOlympus OM2 + Fuji Superia 400
photo by Laura Martinez

FujiGA645Zi Kodak400TMax CarmencitaFilmLab ChristianStrahlFuji GA645 Zi + Kodak 400 T-Max
photo by Christian Strahl

Contax645 Fuji400h CarmencitafilmLab KonstantynZakharyContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Konstantyn Zakhary

NikonF6 KodakPortra160 CarmencitafilmLab MelissaDornNikon F6 + Kodak Portra 160
photo by Melissa Dorn

Contax645 fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AnaLuiContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Ana Lui

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab LeSecretdAudreyContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Le Secret d’Audrey

Pentax645N KodakPortra160 CarmencitaFilmLab ZsoltRokolyaPentax 645N + Kodak Portra 160
photo by Zsolt ‘Rocky’ Rokolya

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab RominaSchischkeContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Romina Schischke

NikonF100 IlfordDelta3200 CarmencitafilmLab ToniRaperNikon F100 + Ilford Delta 3200
photo by Toni Raper

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab StephanieBrauerContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Stephanie Brauer

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitafilmLab BenYewContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Ben Yew

Mamiya645AF Fuji400h CarmencitafilmLab RuiVazFrancoMamiya 645AF + Fuji 400H
photo by Rui Vaz Franco

Mamiya645AFD KodakPortra400 CarmencitafilmLab SlavaMishuraMamiya 645AFD + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Slava Mishura

YashicaT4 IlfordDelta100 CarmencitafilmLab RamonSpaetiYashica T4 + Ilford Delta 100
photo by Ramon Spaeti

ContaxT2 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab LorenzoMasonContax T2 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Lorenzo Mason

Contax645 Kodak400TriX CarmencitaFilmLab NiklasAnderssonContax 645 + Kodak 400 Tri-X
photo by Niklas Andersson

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AlinaDanilovContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Alina Danilov

Yashicamatt124G FujiAcross100Pushed1Stop CarmencitaFilmLab LeighErosYashica mat 124g + Fuji Across 100 pushed 1stop
photo by Leigh Eros

Pentax645N Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab VeronicaLanePentax 645N + Fuji 400H
photo by Veronica Lane

NikonF80 Kodak400TriX CarmencitaFilmLab MatthiasGuessmanNikon F80 + Kodak 400 Tri-X
photo by Matthias Guessman

ContaxT3 KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab AlbertoPoloIanezContaxT 3 + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Alberto Polo Ianez

OlympusOM1 IlfordHP5 CarmencitaFilmLab SergioBatlleOlympus OM-1 + Ilford HP5
photo by Sergio Batlle

NikonF801 KodakPortra400 CarmencitafilmLab WietseNauwelaertsNikon F801 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Wietse Nauwelaerts

LeicaMP KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab PabloCurtoLeicaMP + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Pablo Curto

YashicaMat124G FujiReala100 CarmencitaFilmLab DanielMelingoYashica mat 124g + Fuji Reala 100
photo by Daniel Melingo

OlympusMjuII KodakColorPlus200 CarmencitaFilmLab AlbertoRamajoOlympus Mjuii + Kodak Color Plus 200
photo by Alberto Ramajo

Pentax645N Kodak400TriX CarmencitafilmLab JoakimHertzePentax 645N + Kodak 400 Tri-X
photo by Joakim Hertze

Mamiya645AF Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab SergeyBorozentesvMamiya 645 AF + Fuji 400 H
photo by Sergey Borozentesv

CanonEOS3 FujiSuperia400 CarmencitaFilmLab PedroTalensCanon EOS3 + Fuji Superia 400
photo by Pedro Talens

FujiGW670III KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab PascualMartinezFujiGW 670 III + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Pascual Martinez

BronicaGS1 IlfordDelta100 CarmencitaFilmLab AlanGandyBronica GS1 + Ilford Delta 100
photo by Alan Gandy

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